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Choosing which tipster service to subscribe to can be difficult as so many offer the large swathes of statistical information at your fingertips that mean you can’t possibly fail. Odds Storm is different. It does of course offer all of that information you’ve come to expect from your tipsters, but that’s not enough in this day and age and they’ve taken the personal approach. First class customer support is at hand to all customers, whether email support or live chat and Skype depending on the level of membership package. It’s good to know that if you need a little bit more advice than just the great stats in front of you, there is someone there to help and Odds Storm provides that peace of mind.

Of course there are the cold hard statistics to go with the excellent customer service with Odds Storm. As a member you’ll receive all the information you need on myriad sporting tournaments and teams, unlocked surebets, access to middles odds and Polish middles and the advice you need to turn gambling into a long term investment not just a hobby.

Benefits: Bet on both teams to win and get a profit no matter the outcome, instant deliver of surebets, middles, odds and history, free video tutorials, priority email support, customise your view to clear out the clutter, customise refresh for real time information constantly, first class customer support 24/7.


the best arbitrage service ever
Simon | 03-Apr-2015 07:28 AM
5 out of 5 stars
I love this service :) they have the best InPlay and I am really enjoying it.
Mike | 30-Mar-2015 02:06 PM
3 out of 5 stars
I also recommend OddStorm to all of you that want to make money and have fun the same time.

I am a student and I found out about their service few weeks ago and I couldn't believe that they can guarantee 100% win but any way I decided to try and because I don't really know how to work with their service the first thing I did was to ask the support team and I was answered 10 minutes later! This was the first thing that impressed me and when he explained me what to do. I tried and now I got subscription for 1 month and I am becoming a machine for betting and winning thanks to their support team that gives me advices all the time.

There is a risk for losing but if you ask Iliyan- the support team guy he will explain you how to avoid the risk and then you will realise that it worth it.

I hope my opinion helped you :)
Rick | 27-Mar-2015 08:05 AM
5 out of 5 stars
Nice to see that you are promoting OddStorm !

I love this service, It is easy to use , they have good support team and are improving all the time.

It it is a good way to make pocket money (300-400€)/month with only few hours a week for it but it is possible to earn much more if you take all your time on this.

Keep doing such a great job and wish you all good :)
Lissa | 27-Mar-2015 07:44 AM
5 out of 5 stars