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Rod's Runners

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Rod's Runners is yet another successful horse racing tipster service from the Betting Gods platform. If you are looking for a service with a high volume of daily selections and one that produces winners at double figure odds then Rod's Runners is for you. 

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You need patience, deep pockets, and yet more patience with this one. But it's worth it. Very few horses are tipped at prices below 10. Many are in the 20s and 30s, some higher - the odd one into three figures. You're going to get some eye-wateringly bad losing runs if you only back horses (or anything else for that matter) at those kinds of prices.

However, the blank days, that leave big holes in your bank, are invariably followed by the odd day where several big-priced nags romp home, and suddenly you find the losses have been wiped out and you're actually in profit. But you need to have the discipline to follow the tips, even after 30, 40, 50 hits on the bounce, so this service won't be for everyone, perhaps not for newbies especially.

I would echo the other reviews here that the tips can come at awkward times of the day, and there are usually three lists of them (with a LOT of tips most times), so it's a time-consuming one as well. The evening ones tend to arrive here during dinner, and I might have just half an hour to get the first bet on. That's not great from the social perspective. But it's good for the adrenaline, as well as the bank, when one or two of those big-priced winners get their noses in front and actually stay there each month.

"Only" four stars because of the time factor - perilously close to five though. I'd definitely give Rod 9 out of 10, and perhaps even 19 out of 20.
Stuart | 10-Apr-2018 06:09 AM
4 out of 5 stars
I have been with this service for 3 months and would agree with Dan.
There have been as many as 32 bets per day which have come in up to 4 reviews, landing at any time of day. That is the difficult part of the service because if you are out for a meal for example then you have to try to put 10 bets on using a mobile phone!
There are some superb winners - up to 50/1 and placed horses - up to 100/1, but there are some heavy losing periods. He advertises that he is over 800 points up in the year from May 17. However since December I am up 101 points mainly due to 39 points won on 16th March and 65 points won on 17th March. I fully expect that to be eroded away over the next week or so as this is what happens.
He recommends a bank of 250 points and you would probably want to have that backup as he has gone from a high of +140 points to a low of -40 points in a few days during the 3 months from December. If you had started the service at the high then you would be 180 points down at the low. clearly since then it has risen to over 100 points.
Incidentally there is no email backup - if you email him then there is no reply.
If you have the time to devote to this service then it is probably for you but if you have a life outside betting you will find it difficult. It is most annoying to find that after a series of losing bets you miss a 25/1 winner through not being able to access the bets because when they came through you were at the theatre or somewhere like that..
Alan | 22-Mar-2018 02:00 PM
3 out of 5 stars
I have now completed 2 trials with Rods runners after the first was an unmitigated disaster at the back end of 2017, losing most of the bank in the process.
The latest was over a 3 month period with a small profit in one month and successive losses in the others after fees. Again, the same result, down overall.
The issues I feel are that a lot of the odds, whilst they are there I am sure when the bets are put out, don't stay there at that level for very long so it is difficult if not impossible to replicate any results.
Another concern is the frequency of bets, up to 4 emails a day is very time consuming and of course coupled with the fact you don't know when these will land I refer you back to my first point.
There are regularly 20+ bets even on a quiet day at all times, if you have all day to hang about, it might be for you, unfortunately I don't, there is an app which will pass the notifications through to you however you still need to be in a position to action them at that time or it is pointless.
You can quickly go into profit due to high odds however you can also lose it all the following day, my graphs looked like the alps. +80pts at one point followed by a deficit within a few days and a losing month overall. The ROI is actually quite low at 15.9%. Betting gods are good and there are other higher ROIs out there.
Have a large bank, a capacity to lose a few dozen bets at the very least before a winner and use small stakes to start, it is volatile, Patience - 20+ bets per day and a number of emails, if you shop around for best odds and extra places (you should be) it is very time consuming, up to 4 and use the figures using BSP or attainable odds for a more accurate picture.
Not for me, I would perhaps look again should he ever streamline the system and get it to a more manageable level as this was just one part of my overall portfolio it was too much effort for no return.
Dan | 20-Mar-2018 04:15 PM
2 out of 5 stars

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