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Top Tennis Tips

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Tennis is the perfect sporting event to place a bet on. There are only two players involved (or four if you’re watching the doubles!), and there are a set number of minimum points that have to be played in order to find a winner. Of course there are variables as there are in any sport, but weather doesn’t have as big an impact as in other sports, if it rains at the event the match takes a break or a roof is brought over in some of the major events.

Top Tennis Tips offers daily betting tips on almost all professional tennis matches being played. That gives you around 5000 tennis betting picks per month and includes matches for the ATP, Challenger, ITF Men, WTA and ITF Women tournaments. How Top Tennis Tips differs from the majority of tipster services is that it has taken statistical analysis to a whole new level. They have carefully analysed a wide number of statistics from 400,000 professional tennis matches. Using Artificial Intelligence a model has been put together that describes how each player performs against any given opposition and on any given surface.If you want not only a tip but also the probability of that tip being a success Top Tennis Tips is for you, probability gives it the edge.

Benefits: Offer not just tips but a probability for every tip too, over 5000 tennis betting picks per month, scientific analysis of all player’s historical data to provide a model for each player on the tour.

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