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Betting Gods 2015 Tipster Service Round-Up




Tipster Sport Covered 2015 Profit (pts) Lifetime Strike Rate % Lifetime ROI % £1 Trials
Master Racing Tipster Horse Racing +159.91 30.94% 39.60% Try Now  
The Each Way King Horse Racing +162.74 (launched 13th June) 28.76% 24.36% Try Now 
Big Race Bookie Busters Horse Racing +248.59 28.46% 24.43% Try Now 
Max Racing Tips Horse Racing +159.91 (launched 1st May) 34.20% 16.61% Try Now 
Daily Nap Horse Racing +37.75 (launched 3rd March) 41.43% 13.13% Try Now 
The Horse Racing Guru Horse Racing +212.24 (launched 25th Sept) 31.48% 20.60% Try Now
GU Racing Horse Racing +66.21 (launched 1st Sept) 32.62% 16.44% Try Now
Value Racing Tips Horse Racing +79.01 21.71% 16.01% Try Now
Quentin Franks Racing Horse Racing +246.13 24.67% 18.22% Try Now
High Rollers Betting Horse Racing +297.61 (launched 15th June) 24.92% 12.87% Try Now 
Premier Greyhound Tips Greyhound Racing +266.09 27.31% 10.74% Try Now 
The Sports Guru Football, Ruby, Golf & US Sports +159.78 (launched 11th June) 46.80% 6.37% Try Now 
Tom Nelson Racing Horse Racing +182.83 34.70% 16.01% Try Now
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Rather than the usual monthly look back on the Betting Gods tipster services it makes much more sense for us  to look at the whole of 2015.

The good news is that every service produced a profit, varying from +79.01pts (Value Racing Tips) to +297.61 which was actually produced by High Rollers Racing who only launched half way through the year in June, so that’s an incredible performance.

The highest lifetime strike rate remains with The Sports Guru at 46.80%.

Master Racing Tipster who recently had a very successful trial here on Tipsters Review, and has amassed over 67 reviews here too retains his title as Top Return On Investment with a staggering 39.60% return, and a very respectable 30.94% strike rate.
+159.91 profit in 2015 also indicates and average profit of +13.33pts each month. We’ve recommended it before and we’re recommending it again – Start your trial of this service now, just click here

The Horse Racing Guru is also showing worthy of a trial, +212.24 just since 25th September gives a very juicy monthly profit around 65pts. You only need to be betting at £2 per point for this one and you’re pulling in £120 per month – Grab a £1 30 day trial here

Another service if you’re looking for big profits has to be the appropriately named High Rollers Betting. +297.61pts since 15th June represents 45pts of profit each month. Again using £2 per point that’s just shy of £100 per month. This is another one I recommend you trial at just £1 – click here

We’ll continue to monitor all of these services over 2016 and keep you supplied with regular updates, but as mentioned above it’s well worth you jumping on those three services and getting in on the action yourself.




Great and useful survey one addition of average number of tips per day/week. Would be good.
Del Larkin | 04-Jan-2016 06:58 PM
I find these results hard to believe (short term perhaps long term highly unlikely). I track Tipsters Nap bets from the UK media and only 9 in 41 show a profit. I use BSP and the ROI is less than 1%. These figures would make Goldman Sach take a membership (if they were sustainable)
Bennyb | 04-Jan-2016 09:07 PM
Bennyb - where can I find Tipster Nap bets? Can you put a link up?


jim | 04-Jan-2016 10:35 PM
I will vouch for Master Racing tipster as I'm a lifetime member and have been with the service for 13 months.
Chris | 04-Jan-2016 10:54 PM
hello tipster review.

your links to the 1.00 trials are broken .

is it possible to correct them thanks

I would love to give some of these sites are real go
martin | 05-Jan-2016 04:10 AM
if anyone believes these figures they are either mad or don't understand gambling. There's absolutely no way on Earth the sports guru's lifetime ROI is 46.8%!!! You cannot win that amount at Football, golf and US sports, there's no value in US sports, I monitored it for 3 years, US traders are the best at pricing up you can get, you cannot win that much backing 10/11 shots. IF these figures were true let's all quit our jobs and join every service, this time next year Rodney we will be millionaires!
As if..... | 10-Jan-2016 07:12 AM
Just in response to the previous comment. It is the strike rate that is 46.8% and no tthe ROI which is only 6% the lowest out of them all.
Anonymous | 10-Jan-2016 06:29 PM
Elite racing trial day 5.... You said it was an "excellent day" profit of £160, you needed to lay out £130 at mythical internet prices to get that return. At best in the high street you might have got your dough back! Excellent day, not in my book!!! More rubbish to sell to the innocent and stupid....
Sam | 23-Jan-2016 11:03 AM

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