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Betting Gods service results : Septembers best tipsters




Tipster Sport Covered September Profit (pts) Lifetime Strike Rate % Lifetime ROI % £1 Trials
Master Racing Tipster Horse Racing +11.91 30.60% 36.92% Try Now
Big Race Bookie Busters Horse Racing -58.94 27.98% 28.72% Try Now
Max Racing Tips Horse Racing -4.36 37.11% 23.51% Try Now
Daily Nap Horse Racing +1.35 43.15% 23.48% Try Now
Serve It Up Tennis Tips Tennis +0.82 32.43% 21.86% Try Now
Value Racing Tips Horse Racing +36.05 22.68% 21.39% Try Now
Quentin Franks Racing Horse Racing +39.95 24.79% 13.90% Try Now
High Rollers Betting Horse Racing +65.65 24.54% 11.81% Try Now
Premier Greyhound Tips Greyhound Racing +19.31 27.71% 11.76% Try Now
The Sports Guru Football, Ruby, Golf & US Sports -8.15 52.02% 8.47% Try Now
Tom Nelson Racing Horse Racing +18.23 36.24% 9.01% Try Now
Q Racing Horse Racing -26.40 35.96% 6.56% Try Now
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First comment – wow, the Betting Gods portfolio of tipsters just got a heck of a lot larger through September and it’s a great delight to see the introduction of The Sports Guru, Betting Gods offering of football, rugby, golf, and US sports tips all in one neat package.

We’ve also seen the introduction of some high strike rate selective servicesl Daily Nap and Max Racing Tips.

The interestingly named High Rollers Betting also hit the scene with an incredible 65.65 points of profit, topping the chart for September performance.

Other big performers through September include Quentin Franks Racing who amassed a whopping 39.95pts of profit, followed closely by Value Racing Tips with 36.05pts of profit.

Topping the lifetime strike return on investment we have Master Racing Tipster who is giving back £36.92 of profit for every £100 staked – now that’s seriously impressive and I’d urge you to grab that 30 day trial right now.

Also worth of trials are the already mentioned Quentin Franks Racing, and Value Racing Tips. Value Racing Tips now has 23 months of results, stacks of positive testimonials and a very consistent 22% winrate and 21% return.

Get those added to your portfolio now, and you’ll soon be enjoying the same levels of success.



Trust me to be subscribing to Big Race Bookie Busters, which is atrocious.
Dan | 02-Oct-2015 02:32 PM
Me too Dan l agree. This downturn stands at -132 points for me I'm now running a 275 point bank for brbb. I'm also with value racing tips, master racing tipster footie lay profits so it's not all bad. Where is footie lay profits on this results page? Are the results too bad to publish bettinggods I'm still receiving tips so they should be on your website.
Terry | 02-Oct-2015 03:19 PM
Big race bookie buster has bust my £1000 stake since joining in May! What a waste of money!
Dave | 02-Oct-2015 03:29 PM
Very happy to be with Value Racing - will remain on board ! Very glad I got off BRBB. Thanks for monthly update.
Norman Goodman | 02-Oct-2015 04:29 PM
Brbb is in really bad form but the worst thing about it is that it's started to chase profit putting more points on bigger priced horses hence losing more
Dave | 02-Oct-2015 05:29 PM
I was with master racing tipsters for 2 months. Blew half my bank. Luckily I started with small stakes. Tipping 2point even money shots! These tipsters are not worth the fee.
Austin | 02-Oct-2015 09:48 PM
I have life time membership for value , master, and BRB
thankfully I stopped BRB when the loosing run went past my stop bank
The clue is in the title big race and the tipster now looks at any race
Value and master are worth sticking with long term
I do level stakes for a month then adjust by adding profit to bank and dividing by original bank for new stake
Simple compound interest method

Also no mention of each way tipster - also big losses
Gordon Meldrum | 03-Oct-2015 07:26 AM
Been with various betting gods services. MRT, VRT and PGT are the best. BRBB gone through a bad patch yes, i also stopped in August but will be jumping back in once results improve. He seems to be better at targeting the jumps so im sure the winter months will turn things around
sm | 03-Oct-2015 01:27 PM

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