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"5. Saisontreffer für Nuhiu

Beim 1:1 von Sheffield Wednesday gegen Ipswich Town erzielte @[105949156175162:274:Atdhe Nuhiu] seinen 5. Saisontreffer im 13. Spiel. (3 in der Liga, 2 im Cup)

Sheffield hat 2 Punkte Rückstand auf den ersten Aufstiegs-Play off Platz und liegt nur 4 Punkte hinter Tabellenführer Norwich City. 

Wir gratulieren!"
"FICHAJES CHAMPIONSHIP | Atdhe Nuhiu (23 | #RapidWiena) acepta la propuesta del #SheffieldW. http://www.planetafichajes.com/2013/07/atdhe-nuhiu-acepta-la-propuesta.html"
"Ex-Rapidler Atdhe Nuhiu hat @[295888980222:274:Sheffield Wednesday FC] - mit einem sehenswerten Treffer gegen @[108857709161298:274:Fulham FC Official] - in die 4. Runde des @[138819296501:274:The Emirates FA Cup] geschossen (y)


Bild: @[105949156175162:274:Atdhe Nuhiu]"
Atdhe Nuhiu
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Dear Owls,

it took me a couple of days to understand what happened on last saturday. On the one hand we have played a great season, on the other hand we have missed the coronation for this. Nevertheless, i would like to thank you all for your great support. You are unbelievable! I'm sure we will come back better and stronger next season. See you soon,


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FA Cup:

Atdhe Nuhiu of Sheffield Wednesday scores the opening goal past goalkeeper Wilfredo Caballero of Manchester City.

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WATCH: Today's interview with Atdhe Nuhiu

After extending his contract on Thursday at Hillsborough, Atdhe Nuhiu says he is ready to continue on with the mission.
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Gary Bookie-Basher Poole
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    Dawn Hammond We're on our way ... come on you lads in blue and white let's do the business and win! You got the crowd behind you and we will be singing all the way. Have the game of your lives. Remember how you felt when you won at Brighton, it will be a 100 time better when we win today x
    Peejay Whitworth Good luck to you and the lads make us proud Atdhe
    Robert William Downend Please score the winner
    Jean Hill Oh Atdhe it was upsetting seeing you so emotional after match I wanted to give you a hug xxx
      Scott Beckman
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