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Golf Betting Expert : Providing golf tips for all major tournaments over the world all year round. With a proven long term track record and extensive knowledge in golf betting you can join today and start making profits. Golf Betting expert boasts numerous big priced winners ranging from 40/1 to 100/1 whilst amounting many each way bets at even higher prices. 


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The actual picks he puts out all have great odds and the service is massively in profit since the turn of the year when I joined up. I really cant speak highly enough of his knowledge and pick skills as hes had multiple winners and placers non of which the bookies think have a shot judging by there odds.

Picks are always sent pretty much the same time each week which is good as it also brings me to the only downside of this service. The odds get slaughtered within 10- 15 minutes of posting and not by a small amount. The winner today as an example is posted at 2.5 ew @ 25/1 but the highest odds of any bookie only 15 minutes after post is down to 14-1 so on one bet alone you lose out on over 300 against the posted figures. This weeks picks pretty much across the board had available odds not remotely close to the posted most likely due to the subscriber surge caused by last weeks 100-1 winner and the mass mails sent out by the director of the betting gods service advertising it.

This review might come across as negative but it really shouldn't. The service is prompt and profitable even with the diminished odds available. The only thing it needs is a subscriber cap to lower the odd drop-off for existing members

I've chosen to give this service 4stars though with a reasonable subscriber cap at a higher subscription fee to protect odds it would comfortably be a 5star service.
Stuart | 26-Mar-2017 02:30 PM
4 out of 5 stars
Just noticed that this service has no reviews and he deserves one.

I did a one pound one month trial of this service recently during which time there were 55/1 and 100/1 winners. Phenomenal.
This doesn't appear to be a flash in the pan either as the results that are proofed testify.

Most golf tournaments start on a Thursday and tips are usually received on a Monday afternoon/evening. You usually have to be pretty quick getting bets on though as most selections shorten immediately.

I definitely recommend this service.

Mark Sanderson | 19-Mar-2017 04:37 PM
5 out of 5 stars

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