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Racing Wins

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Racing Wins is a horse racing tipster service with 4 separate tip types. Tips feature Nap, Next Best, Third Best & Outsider Bet. Tips will run Tuesday - Saturday and arrive between 9AM - 10AM. Using a variable stake (0.5 - 2 point bets) the tipster Pete Thomson delivers regular winning weeks and bets that are balanced to keep daily losses to a minimum as well as being rewarding over the long term.


Reviews (2)

Update, he has now lost everything he made and more. Yet another tipster for the bin within a month, fortunately I now rate my own as it is the only way forward.
End result 4 winning months 4 losing months, the losers lost more than the winners won.
Dan | 20-Jun-2018 05:00 PM
1 out of 5 stars
I have been with Racing wins for a while and my rating is a pass, he seems to hold his own in the main and has shown a profit.
Dan | 25-May-2018 12:32 AM
3 out of 5 stars

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