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Stan James

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Bet £10 Get £20 


Open a new account with Stan James, bet £10 and receive a free £10 matched bet. 

Your opening bet upon registering for a sports betting account will be met with a free bet of equivalent value up to £10. Stan James is ideal for any sports betting punter, specialising in Horse Racing and Football. Stan James also have one of the largest Bet-In-Play platforms on the market.

Find above Stan Jame latest  free bets  and offers.

Reviews (8)

Opened an account. Bet on a few horse races in the next week. Lost on most of them. Had one teeny win, and benefited from the BOG offer on it, to the tune of less than £1.00. Next thing - email saying BOG offer was no longer going to be applied to my account. Bait and switch bookie. Draw you in with an offer, then immediately withdraw it after one win! No reason given. Customer service just cite you the terms and conditions that they can withdraw at any moment any promotion with no reason needed. Haven't used them since.
kirsty | 01-Dec-2017 12:29 PM
1 out of 5 stars
Don't get restricted by this mob, I got the rudest e-mail I've ever had from a bookmaker.
Dave | 05-Mar-2016 02:56 PM
2 out of 5 stars
not impressed, closed me down after a few winners
Susan Howlett | 05-Mar-2016 02:05 PM
1 out of 5 stars
Initially I had high hopes for my Stan James account. I bet on horse racing, football and politics and SJ offered decent prices and markets in all three areas.

I'm relatively new to horse racing having only really got into it through reading a couple of blogs online. Over a relatively short space of time I had deposited a few hundred quid with Stan James and was betting around £5.00 and £10.00. Even though I was neither winning nor losing big it wasn't long before I got an email telling me the Best Odds Guarantee was being removed from my account.

Since the removal of the BOG I haven't actually used Stan James for any bets whether football, politics or horse racing. I can't see it being a situation I'll reverse as there are plenty of other options in the market.
Craig | 05-Mar-2016 01:18 PM
1 out of 5 stars
Had my account with stan james for many years now, i have not had any problems with restrictions despite winning a decent amount, always find good prices for football bets and they are my preferred bookmaker.
lee | 19-Nov-2014 05:49 PM
5 out of 5 stars
I can't resist this one. The most useless bookie of all ! If you even look like you're going to win, they severely restrict your stake. Don't even waste your time. God, why don't others take a page out of "Pinnacles" book ??
Neil | 17-Nov-2014 11:38 PM
1 out of 5 stars
Had an account for years started betting for value and not losing and so they closed my account via email saying do not appeal the decision is final!
John | 15-Nov-2014 12:18 AM
1 out of 5 stars
I have had my account with Stan James for years now, never had any problems with them. always offer good value prices and willing to lay a good bet. If you are looking for a bookmaker with great customer service and brilliant markets to bet on then Stan in your man.
Jamie | 29-Oct-2014 08:02 PM
5 out of 5 stars

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