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The Football Guru has established its self as one of the most consistent football tipsters on the Betting Gods network. Each of his football tips are provided will full reasoning behind them so you know exactly why you are placing your bets. A variety of football tips are provided such as outright bets, accumulator bets, booth teams to score and tournaments winners. With a high strike rate and solid Return on investment this football tipster is a model of consistency whilst producing healthy profits along the way. 

Reviews (28)

Final Review

Rebill was due and after a 3rd consecutive month of poor form I cancelled. Gutted as the service was so solid for an extended period and has imploded the past quarter (right before the holidays too!). Imagine form will turn at some point but will advise caution for potential new members to monitor results a bit first.

Accatipster and Chloe are flying and can still recommend them completely.
Josh C | 18-Dec-2018 12:57 PM
3 out of 5 stars
Updated Review (Current Form)

After an incredible spring and early summer the service has certainly hit a rough patch. Check the Betting Gods results for details but the main issue is the current month's loss of over 50 points! That's over a 1/3 of the bank gone in one month.

History is strong so I'm sticking it out but warning potential members to observe for a bit until form returns.
Josh C | 29-Nov-2018 12:55 PM
4 out of 5 stars
Updated Review

Cannot recommend this service enough. If you bet on football you need this service in your portfolio so long as you can handle the higher volume of tips. Yes, there are rough losing streaks but the profit gained over time is sensational. The trifecta of footy tipsters in my portfolio is Chloe, Guru, and Accatipster.

Try the trial and then get a long time frame membership to save on sub fees. Solid service!
Josh C | 03-Nov-2018 03:38 PM
5 out of 5 stars
Very consistent and very professional, great for anyone who likes a bet and enjoys football.
Sam Davids | 06-Aug-2018 02:04 PM
5 out of 5 stars
Updated Review

Now been with the service for 4 months and believe I can give a thorough and resounding recommendation. Personal bank is just shy of doubling for the 4th time of raising stakes after starting at $2 per point.

There are losing days and extended rough spells. Stick them out and follow the staking plan with the recommended bank. I've never seen a tipster hit so many multiples on a near regular basis! He nailed another 4-fold just this weekend on the MLS for big profit which turned the month around after a less than stellar World Cup for him.

Volume of selections fluctuates big time with the summer very sparse apart from the World Cup. In season there can be an enormous amount of selections on a Saturday so be prepared to take more time to place them than with other services.

That's the big difference between Chloe and Guru - volume. Chloe tends to tip 1-3 selections even in the thick of the season whereas Guru ramps up the selections. Both are highly profitable services just operate very differently.
Josh C | 16-Jul-2018 04:02 PM
5 out of 5 stars
Been following for just under 2 months so will update again in time. So far form has been very much hot or cold with 2 straight days of nailing 100% (that includes monster yankee/goliath multiples) of selections followed by 0% days. All in all my personal return from starting point is 128%roi. That includes doubling the bank in this time frame to raise stakes before the recent cold spell. I'm not even able to do some of the bets as he loves the win & btts markets on some minor leagues which my USA based sites don't offer. He also will tip the semi-pro English leagues that are not as available.

All in all though it's been highly profitable and outearning Chloe's tips as she is on an extended cold spell the past few months. Definitely recommend this service.
Josh C | 07-May-2018 09:56 PM
4 out of 5 stars
You're a very valuable website; couldn't make it without ya!

My web site -Julio
Claire | 24-Aug-2017 04:41 PM
4 out of 5 stars
Can only be given 1 star (would give zero if possible) if you're using matched betting (Bet365's free in-play offer) in your bottom line P&L.

If you find a tenner in the street will you add that to your P&L?

Words fail.
Anonymous | 24-Aug-2017 11:27 AM
1 out of 5 stars
Seems to be a bit of an argument breaking out over the Bet365 live bet from the reviews below. I was certainly on it and received it before the kick off. I've checked the email the following day, Anthony apologised it went out 'later than normal', but certainly still before the kick off.

Personally I think if you are making a review based upon such a small incident you are wrong to do so. I've been with the service since the end of September and am over £1300 in profit. I've only had the opportunity to attend a couple of in plays so you certainly don't need to be a regular in those.

Selections are different from most tipsters, they are often higher priced and looking for value. Reasoning is given which demonstrates that research has been put in. Of course not everything wins but in many games that don't you can see the games panned out pretty much as Anthony suggested, it was just poor finishing or wacky events that cost us. Of course, even allowing for that I'm well in profit.

The area that really extols the virtues of this service is the personal touch. Early on I wasn't sure how to place certain bets and Anthony replied to my within minutes with step by step instructions. He never hides as some faceless tipsters do. In the live chats, good or bad results he's there.

Overall, I can't fault the service and I look forward to the email coming through each day.
Janet | 27-Feb-2017 02:04 PM
5 out of 5 stars
The livechats so far are highly profitable with a huge winrate % - the pregame bets seem to streak runs of hits/misses which average each other out.

Re: Anonymous below - Personally I got in on the bet365 offer via a matched betting blog but saying it was sent prematch is wrong. Its still sat in my hotmail showing 22:35 gmt (1 hr after the game ended). In fact in the following days email Anthony(FootballGuru) even apologized for the fact the system had issues with sending mails that night so if anyones been smoking something its yourself. Im with Stuart in this figure should not be in any profit/loss calculation for the month under these circumstances.

Overall id reccomend the service if you have the time to spare for the weekend live plays otherwise there might not be as much profit to be had.
Russ | 25-Feb-2017 02:34 PM
3 out of 5 stars
Wonder what Stuart is smoking.
In fact I recall seeing him have a grumble on the guru forum about it. the bet was sent before the game started, i should know i have the email in my trash and the money in my bank. Sore loser if u ask me stuart get over yourself mate.
Lisa makes a good point about showing inplay separtely as I do miss maybe one per month but this is a good service with a lot of detail. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Anonymous | 22-Feb-2017 12:43 PM
5 out of 5 stars
I have been receiving tips from Anthony since October 2016 and have found the service to be great. Yes there are some losing runs which you will find with any tipping service and gambling in general, but that's life! I am in profit overall and hope that will continue. He runs a free competition also where you can win a free month of tips by guessing the scores of selected matches each week (and I won - Yay!). I have only managed to join in the in play sessions once. I wish I could join in more but with 2 small kids my time is spent entertaining them at the weekend rather than myself.
Overall, I think Anthony runs a great service that I would recommend anyone trialing.
My only criticism (and its tiny) is that the in play session profits are added to the months profit notification. I think that the in play profit should be shown separately so you can get a better idea of profits if you are only able to place the bets sent via email.
Lisa | 20-Feb-2017 02:42 PM
5 out of 5 stars
Been with this service for 1 month. Results vary as to be expected with a football service and so far it is only 5pts down.(To be fair about it until yesterdays results it was actually 7pts up just had a bad day). The In-play betting in live chat at weekends have thusfar brought in the bulk of the winnings compared to pre-match losses and provide a few hours of enjoyment.

However onto the reason this service is getting a poor review from myself. This weeks results have been skewered towards the service to the point of +20points. During the Bayern/Arsenal match bet365 offerered one of there in-play betting offers meaning people could bank on matched betting. TheFootballGuru has added this result into his February winnings despite it being a first bet on the game only offer. This might not be so bad if the tip was sent out early enough for most members to cash in on however it was actually emailed out 1 hour AFTER the full time whistle went due to "technical issues". So despite the fact this knowingly never got sent out he has still decided to add the 20pts into the profit line for the month.
Upon questioning this action both yesterday and today in a polite manner this was removed both times from there site without answer or explanation almost immediately. How a tip sent after the selection is available can be counted is beyond me and casts doubt about how any historical results reported can be taken in trust also.

I don't really doubt you could make a small profit using this service however the silencing of any questions about the tips/timing of the tips makes me more than a little uncomfortable as to the integrity of the results.
Stuart | 17-Feb-2017 08:18 PM
2 out of 5 stars
Only been following for couple of months but years subscription recouped along with another 2 years if price remains similar. For sure there have been losing weeks but Anthony doesn't hide or conveniently forget any previous losses when the next set of wins arrive. The in-play chat sessions have added a nice top up recently as well as being quite good fun and source of banter. Looks to be well run authentic service which makes a change!
Steve | 13-Feb-2017 02:05 PM
4 out of 5 stars
Football is fairly notorious to predict with so many viarables but I think The Football Guru is worth sticking with.It may go through a loosing run but will normally come back strong so my advice is stick with it and i'm sure you will make long term profits as I have.Anthony seems very knowledgeable and seems to put in the time and effort in his analysis.
Trevor | 13-Feb-2017 11:58 AM
5 out of 5 stars
An extremely hard-working tipster, who explains the reasons behind most bets with easy to understand statistical evidence.
If I had one complaint, I do feel the weekend is over staked, although appreciate greatly that a winning goliath will do wonders for the profit & loss!
I guest my issue is based on following more than one tipster which can make the weekend betting banks over exposed.
However, that is my problem and something I need to address,.
Confidence is growing and I'm looking long-term.
Good luck Anthony
Mark | 13-Feb-2017 11:24 AM
4 out of 5 stars
Only been using "The football Guru" for a couple of weeks and already seen a good amount of profit. The in play bets themselves have been an incredible success and makes lots of profit. Unfortunately, since I myself play amateur football I can only do the in play bets themselves on Sunday I can't maximise the profit from theses. However on the Sunday ones alone I think there's only been about 5 tips down and about 40 to 50 up so definitely worth your time. I'm thinking about telling my friends about this service but I don't want to as I can claim to be this amazing gambler😂
Anonymous | 13-Feb-2017 08:13 AM
5 out of 5 stars
Nice solid tipster. Making a profit on the football . what more could you want
Kevin | 12-Feb-2017 10:53 PM
5 out of 5 stars
I am still trying to put a handle to it . I am having some success lately.. No doubt the service is more than useful. I am getting confident and that's what I look when I follow someone.
Kibaba | 12-Feb-2017 09:33 PM
3 out of 5 stars
Just at the end of my 2nd month so far, and already doubled my starting bank. This is mainly due to one fantastic weekend but, that aside, it's been slow and constant profit. Yeah there's been a few bad days along with it, but that's the nature of betting in general.

I would say bank management is crucial with this service, staking 36 points every weekend is common.

Anthony puts an awful lot of research and time into his work, tips tend to come with a reason for why he's come to choose the selections, and can often come late at night (which makes me feel like he's up late researching!) and is quite handy as tips are the waiting for you in the morning! Odds tend to range between 1.8 to 6.0, and tend to stake 2 points per bet.

I've only managed to join in with the weekend live bets once, but it was good as you get to chat to Anthony himself, whereas with other BettingGods tipsters I've tried it's hard to even get an email reply.

On the whole I'm really happy with the service Anthony provides and can't see myself going anywhere soon. It's a nice little project to grow your money providing you manage your bank correctly.

Well worth trialling for the month at just £1.

Alex | 12-Feb-2017 09:12 PM
5 out of 5 stars
Been a member since september and have found it to be an Excellent profitable service, full reasoning behind selections.
Dan | 12-Feb-2017 09:04 PM
5 out of 5 stars
Very impressec
Steve Berkley | 12-Feb-2017 08:52 PM
5 out of 5 stars
Great service. Been on it for around 3 months and well up in profit. What I do like is he backs the selections up with reasoning as well and also reviews the result good or bad.
As an added bonus are the live in-play events that he holds, great fun on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon and I've also made a profit from these sessions as well.
I would definitely recommend.
Joe | 12-Feb-2017 08:37 PM
5 out of 5 stars
I echo the point - Anthony doesn't hide and gives good response to questions. I feel like I'm learning something :->

Most importantly enjoying the service being given and feel it to be genuine and profitable - (even better). Most important is because of that it's enjoyable and doesn't feel fly by night.

Service seems reasonably priced too - so a definite thumbs up - good service in my portfolio - won't drop him any time soon LOL.

Must make use of the added value live stuff too it seems !!!!
Mark Hodgkinson | 12-Feb-2017 08:32 PM
5 out of 5 stars
A great service. Explains why he is picking the bet. Easy to follow emails. I'm seeing profit after only a short time. I think it will be great in the long run. Give it a go. I think you'll be impressed.
Neil | 12-Feb-2017 08:30 PM
5 out of 5 stars
I had a trial through Betting Gods and am very pleased with his service. Anthony sure does know his stuff! Nearly every day tips are sent via email and most weekends you can follow him with live in play tips which are great and generally a good return. I would certainly recommend.
Steve Lopez | 12-Feb-2017 07:03 PM
5 out of 5 stars
Joined last week of january so can't really say for long term profit. so far in slight profit but I can see this as being a consistent source of reliable football bets. definitely worth investing long term. Plus as mentioned above live chats during the weekend really help for that extra profit and talk to anthony a bit. overall a would recommend service
Christopher Muscat | 12-Feb-2017 05:09 PM
3 out of 5 stars
The tips are very easy to follow, there are lot of them. I have been following the tips since December and the results are not bad. In January there was a nice profit form goliath stake, other day you just loose your points. But overall (December - 10th Feb) I am +46 points @ 7.9%ROI. I hope this will improve but its not bad at all.
Plus, Anthony makes live chatting sessions on Saturdays, he does not hide, he is a good man.
Michal | 11-Feb-2017 10:43 AM
4 out of 5 stars

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