6 Online Betting Trends for Super Bowl 54

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6 Online Betting Trends for Super Bowl 54

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Super Bowl 54 will be NFL’s 100th season. It is one of the most anticipated sporting events, especially in the United States, where Americans consider football as one of their most celebrated sports. The showdown for the 2020 NFL is set to happen on February 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium, Florida.


Every avid football fan is looking forward to the teams that will grace the show. Many are excited to take part in the betting games as there are huge prizes at stake, as well. Make sure not to miss this once in a year event to experience the optimum entertainment like no other.


What’s more, rest assured that betting would be way more efficient as you can easily bet the super bowl online. Let’s take a quick look for some Super Bowl betting trends that you can follow to gain more cash.

Straight Up Bets

Over the last season of the NFL Super Bowl, straight-up bets are popular among bettors. It is as simple as wagering for the most favoured team to win the NFL finals. Regardless of the given odds in the Point Spread, bettors can take the risk of gambling for the team who earned the highest number of odds.


In Super Bowl 54, the New England Patriots has reportedly the most favoured spot to win. Currently, they have the highest odds, and fans are looking forward to betting for them.

Point Spread As The Most Popular NFL Bets

The point spread is still the most popular type of wager that you can play in the Super Bowl 54. In the past, many punters earned so much money by participating in this betting category. The point spread determines both the favourite and the underdog teams.


Apart from that, you can easily decide whether you’re gambling for the less popular or the most famous. You only need to trust your instincts and recap everything you’ve studied and analyzed the team you opt to bet on. You don’t want to miss a thing as Super Bowl 54 is sure to be a tournament full of twists and turns.

“Total” Bets Will Also Work

Another successful bet you can take for the Super Bowl 54 is the “Totals.” It is an NFL wager commonly known as “Over/Under” betting. There is a specific score set for both competing teams that serve as a standard rating. If your overall score goes beyond what is set, you should bet for the “over.” If it comes the other way around, then you have to gamble for the “under.”


Looking back into the past Super Bowl games, the “Over” bets always come victorious compared to the “Under.” Besides, these winning bets are attended by teams coming from AFC (American Football Conference) teams.

Home-court Advantage

Through the course of Super Bowl editions, home courts play a significant influence on a team to win. This is because the team gets the most numbers of cheers from their fans and gets more motivated to bring home the crown.


This year’s location for the Super Bowl 54 will take place in Florida, and no one is getting the home-court advantage as the Miami Dolphins failed to enter the finals. It will be your sole decision as you which team you would like to bet.

The Luck Of Jersey Colors

In addition to the home-court advantage belief, NFL bettors also superstitiously believe in the luck brought by the colours of their jerseys. This belief has been one of the Super Bowl’s traditions, that is, a team decides to what lucky colour they’re going to wear.


For instance, “The Pats” tend to play in white jerseys during Super Bowl. This custom can probably be traced back to the past Super Bowl seasons when championship titles were obtained by the teams who wore white jerseys.

Regular Season Records Don’t Matter

Before a team can reach the NFL finale, they undergo eliminations. The team that competes for the Super Bowl 54 both came from AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference) in all east, west, north, and south divisions.


When it comes to betting trends, the records of these teams would less likely matter by the time they head on to the NFL 2020. Bettors would rely more on the odds showing before the final showdown starts.


The stakes are high for all the betting games in the upcoming 2020 NFL Super Bowl 54. Hence, when you participate in betting, you’ll have a higher chance of earning more than what you’ve expected. Applying the tested betting trends mentioned above for the incoming NFL 2020 will surely help you in making a quick buck.



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