Aston Villa Still Want Etheridge and Won’t Let Liverpool Interfere

Tipsters Review - 06-Jun-2019

Aston Villa Still Want Etheridge and Won’t Let Liverpool Interfere


Summertime and football transfers are in full swing. Aston Villa is looking to improve their squad going into the Premiership and Neil Etheridge; the Cardiff City goalkeeper is one of their major targets reports today.


An offer made last week of £8M for the player was rejected; however, this hasn’t put Villa off, and they are expecting to go back with a more significant offer to make sure that they get the player. But they are not alone as Liverpool have also apparently been in touch with Cardiff to see if the player is still available. So there could well be a bidding war to drive up the price.


Etheridge is familiar with several of the members of staff at Villa, in particular, boss Dean Smith, and Goal Keeping coach Neil Cutter, as all three were formerly together at Walsall and it is this support that is mostly responsible for Etheridge being a great premiership goalkeeper.


Having recently won the Champions League, Liverpool is looking to make changes to the squad and in particular, are eyeing Etheridge as a potential backup keeper to Alisson Becker as their current two backups have indicated they would be leaving the club. Neil Warnock is, however, keen to keep the Philippine International Player at Cardiff but he has also stated that for the right deal he would let the player go.


Cardiff would be looking at at least £10M for Etheridge in order to let him move on. Liverpool and Villa aren’t the only teams interested as both West Ham and Fulham have also indicated that they would like the player. Etheridge, personally, has had a good season, unlike Cardiff, who finished in the relegation zone with thirty-four points. Etheridge managed an impressive nine clean sheets.




Villa is also looking to snap up one of Liverpool’s players. Daniel Sturridge will be leaving Liverpool following their defeat of Spurs in the Champions League final. Villa would be wise to pounce on Sturridge quickly. Having only started seven games for Liverpool, they have decided not to extend his contract. The Reds have only been using Sturridge as backup to stars like Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino, and so he hasn’t been seeing the field that often. He has even slipped below Divock Origi on the team sheet, and thus the chances of him making more appearances are waning.


Chris Sutton has said that when thinking about a new club Villa would be a perfect match for Sturridge “He just needs to play. When he burst on the scene, you think about how talented he was; I think his career has been a disappointment in terms of what he could have achieved. He told BBC Radio 5 Live recently. I think the best thing for him is to find a club and knuckle down - maybe a Villa - and play games and get a smile back on his face.”

So even if Villa lose out on Etheridge, they could win with Sturridge.


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