Betting Gods: June Tipster service results

Tipsters Review - 06-Jul-2015


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What a month June was – some epic results, and let’s be honest, some shockers!

Tom Nelson was always due a bad month having had 11 winning months, but I think nobody expected that!

Fortunately the Betting Gods succeeded with the two evening services, Master Racing Tipster and Value Racing Tips.
Master Racing Tipster once again living up to the name as Master and God of Horse Racing with an 89% return across June and a handsome profit of £409.40 for bettors using £10 per point.
Value Racing Tips also brought home a respectable 35% return and a £291.60 profit for £10 per point bettors.

Things were a little quieter for the other Gods, but Big Race Bookie Busters delivered a worthwhile 14% return, whilst Greyhound bettors enjoyed £197.30 profit to their £10 stakes thanks to Premier Greyhound Tips.

At the time of writing, Serve It Up Tennis Tips does have some outstanding bets from June so that small loss could easily turn into a profit over the Wimbledon Tennis tournaments.

With £1 trials available exclusive to Tipsters Review, Master Racing Tipster is looking worthy of your quid this month as he now holds a lifetime 39% return (since April 2014) and tasty £205.76 average monthly profit to your £10 bets.

Premier Greyhound Tips is also worth following. Whether you’re interested in the dogs or not, £221.68 average monthly profit isn’t to be sniffed at. Click here to start your 30 day trial.


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