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Tipsters Review - 03-Jul-2016



On Live trial this week : Focus Ratings

Service type: Horse Racing ratings system

Trial type - 7 day live trial

Week Starting - 27th June 2016


Cost : £27 p/m

Service Offers : N/A

Trial Info : Focus Ratings have given us full access to there ratings system service for 7 days. Each day at 10am the full details for the days racing covering each race will be available on our exclusive webpage. Focus Ratings takes a large number of factors into consideration such as trainer/jockey stats, speed ratings, course form and many others.

Monday - Day 1



Keith sent me a little note to ask me to mention to you that he and Jill are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

They can be contacted on

Keith also mentioned that yesterday was pretty good and that if you'd concentrated on the non-handicap races, 72.73% of them were won by a top three rated horse.

Keith does a Morning News post every morning and if you want more details about yesterday's performance you can read all about it here... http://focusratings. com/blog/morning-news-516/

The ratings are normally available at 10am every morning but Keith does generate preview ratings at 5pm the evening before race day.

Over the next week Keith has promised to explain some of the features of the site such as...

1). The System Builder.

2). The Free Systems (over 200 of them.)

3). The First Page Strategy.

4). The Place Betting Strategy.

So, all in all, not only are you getting an outstanding Ratings Service, you also get Live Ratings, a System Builder, a selection of Ready Made Systems and, a tipping service based upon Keith's Portfolio and two profitable strategies!

And excellent customer care and backup!

Tuesday - Day 2


Well, what a cracking start to the Focus Ratings 7 day trial!

The top rated horse in all races had an incredible strike rate of 37.93% - there are many tipsters who would be more than happy with that. And, in the non-handicap races, the strike rate rose to an incredible 45.45%

Now, the thing is, Keith at Focus Ratings isn't a tipster - he runs a ratings service so these figures are really outstanding when you think you also get all the info the ratings provide.

Every morning Keithpublishes a Morning News post in which he reviews the previous day's performance. Here's how today's started....

Good morning...

Well, a pretty good day, yesterday...

Apart from England Brexiting the Euro 2016 footie, that is.

It was a day when you could have bet the forecast in every race and come out with £43.18 to £26 staked.

In fact, had you done the reverse forecast in every race you would have had £53.29 returned to £52 staked.

The 81.82% strike rate for all the top three rated horses in non-handicap races means that I am still going to have to look for a simple dutching strategy for these races. Today I shall be doing some simple filtering based upon race type and race size.

If any of you have any suggestions then please let me know.

If you want to read more, go here... http://focusratings. com/blog/morning-news-517/

Wednesday - Day 3

Yesterday was a quiet day for FocusRatings but we know that sort of thing happens for all services.

I was speaking to Keith about the increase in Strike Rate year on year.

Keith mentioned that, to a certain extent, the ratings are "self learning" but that he's also working on an improvement to the ratings which should give an extra couple of percent to the Strike Rate.

Keith is also working on a possible dutching strategy to take advantage of the normally very high strike rate for the top three rated horses (it was only about 67% yesterday) for non handicap races.

If you want to read more about yesterday's results you can read the Morning News here.... http://focusratings. com/blog/morning-news-518/

Thursday - Day 4


Don't forget it it not just the top 3 shown on the page you have access to, you can download the full ratings for every race in full detail via the links on our page.
A better day for the ratings yesterday. I f you want to see yesterday's results in full take a look at Keith's Morning News which can be found here...http://focusratings. com/blog/morning-news-519/

I've asked Keith to explain the difference between the Early Bird Preview Ratings (which appear at 5pm the day before) and the normal 10am ratings.

This is what he had to say...

"I created the preview ratings for those people who want to get a head start on analysing the racing.

In theory they should be exactly the same as the normal morning ratings but they do tend to differ slightly.

The reasons for this are as follows...

1). There could be non-runners overnight. This affects the shape of the race

2). The going could change overnight. A horse's rating is based upon its ability specific to that going. Thus a horse that like good going may get downgraded if there is a storm overnight and the going changes to Heavy.

3). To a very small extent, my forecast prices are shaped by market prices. These obviously change constantly.

Full members get access to the Live Ratings which change throughout the day (they are updated every 15 minutes.) These are the most accurate ratings."

Friday - Day 5

Well, what a fantastic day for Focus Ratings, yesterday!

The strike rate for the top rated horse was 40%!


Now, bear in mind that Keith isn't a tipster - he just rates all the races he can every day.

Many tipsters would die for a 40% strike rate.

Bear in mind that Keith got 18 winners from 45 races - he's not cherry picking certain races - he tries to rate every race.

And, whilst I'm talking statistics, here are some more...

1). The top rated horse was placed in 80% of all races.

2). The top rated horse was placed in 91.67% of all non-handicap races.

3). If you use the Live Ratings (updated throughout the day - only available to full members) the strike rate for the top rated horse was 41.67%

4). If you had blindly backed the top rated horse in all of the races you would have had 60.73 units returned to 45 units staked. Your profit on investment would have been 34.96% to ISP.

I asked Keith about his philosophy regarding the ratings and here's what he said...

"Well, I'm certainly not a tipster; all I try to do is rate every horse in every race and show the top three rated so that it cuts down the time that people have to spend choosing their bets. In a way, I (and excuse the pun here) try to allow people to focus on the likely candidates.

Thus, I take a 12 horse race and filter it down to the 3 horses that are worth thinking about.

Some members have strategies (and have built systems using our unique system builder) based purely on theratings but many members have their own strategies and then validate them using the ratings.

Some people subscribe to a tipping service and then validate those tips with Focus Ratings.

For example, a member might fancy horses by a certain trainer at a certain race course and, when a selection appears, then check to see if it is top three rated; if it is, it's a bet, otherwise not.

Others might subscribe to a tipping service and, when a candidate appears, then check to see if it is top threerated; if it is, it's a bet, otherwise not.

Some members like backing, some prefer laying and some (and here's a little hint here) like to look at the place market (and looking at yesterday's results, with a strike rate of 91.67% of all non-handicap races, why wouldn't they?)

I really don't mind how people use the ratings but I'm always happy to help members investigate their own strategies - it's a very rare day when I'm not working on a spreadsheet (sometimes two or three at a time) to send out to a member to show analysis of their own strategies.

Jill and I are very much not the "take the money and run" type service - we pride ourselves on our level of customer care - this shows in some of the comments on your own site, Tipster's Review, where the feedback seems to be very encouraging.

I get up at about 4am every morning to review the previous day's results and then write a morning news post/email to share my feelings about them. Most support calls/emails and inquiries get answered within an hour of being raised."

Good stuff, then. You can read today's Morning News here... http://focusratings. com/blog/morning-news-520/

Saturday - Day 8


In his Morning News daily post/email Keith had this to say...

Another great day for the ratings with a 29.73% strike rate for the top rated horse.

Our First Page Strategy did well and 6.9825 points (after commission) was returned to 4 points staked.

Had you done the forecast in every race you would have walked away with a profit.

Come to think about it...

Had you done the reverse forecast in every race you would also have walked away with a profit.

To read more about yesterday's results, take a look at the Morning News here... http://focusratings. com/blog/morning-news-521/

I know that some of you are confused about the Portfolio Bets and the two strategies that are published every day.

Let me explain.

The Portfolio bets are the selections from Keith's personal portfolio of systems that he has created for himself using the System Builder that full members have access to.

The Banker's Bet is the safest bet of the day (the one with the highest strike rate.)

The Chancer's Bet is the most profitable bet of the day (the one with the highest ROI over the exact last year.)

Keith also has two strategies...

The Place Betting Strategy is a strategy designed by Keith but assisted by members of Focus Ratings. It has been running for about a year now and has made about 55 points profit over that period.

The First Page Strategy came about when Keith noticed that the 2nd rated horse from the first seven races of the day (when Keith's forecast prices are most accurate) tended to do well. Some bets are win bets and some are place bets.

Keith is currently working on a strategy for Dutching the top three horses in non-handicap races.

The Portfolio bets and the strategy selections are totally free to members of Focus Ratings.

Knowing Keith (and his love of maths) I'm pretty sure that there will be other strategies in the future.

Sunday - Day 7


Final day of the Focus Ratings trial today. I will be back in touch later tonight with details of how you can join Focus Ratings and info on next weeks trial.
Today's ratings are now online >>> free-trial-courtesy-of- tipsters-review/
This is what Keith had to say about yesterday....

Yesterday was reasonably decent for us.

Once again, looking at the non-handicap races, we got a 46.67% strike rate for our top rated horse and 86.67% of those races were won by a top three rated horse.

For our First Page Strategy, so far this month we have had 10.64 points (after Betfair commission) returned to 7 points staked.

You can read more at... blog/morning-news-522/


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