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A brief history of betting

Betting on the outcome of things is certainly not a modern concept, but exactly how far back does it go? While casinos in the modern sense, with the glitz, glamour and sounds of slot machines are a relatively new thing, gambling houses have been around for thousands of years. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact dates, but historians can make a lot of qualified guesses. For example, an early form of poker is believed to have been played by the Minoan civilization of Crete over 3,500 years ago.

Born out of prophecy

The very first dice were made out of the ankle or knuckle bones of animals, because they have four fairly flat surfaces to land on, along with two rounded sides that cannot be landed on. They were used by shamans for divination, by interpreting the numbers scrawled on each side. Historians are at odds with each other as to when they were first used, but some form of primitive dice was certainly in play as far back as 40,000 years ago.

While it’s not known when they turned from shamanism to gaming, but it’s likely that they were first used to determine who would get the bigger share of a hunt or harvest. This later evolved in to various games, some of which were very similar to the ones we still play today. In ancient Mesopotamia, they were already playing an early version of backgammon by 3,000 BC, called “The Royal Game of Ur”. Later, they went on to carve cube-like shapes out of bone and wood with numbers of each face, creating the first six-sided dice.

The ancient Chinese, Indians Greeks and Romans all were fond of dice games – and cheating was common. Archeologists have found wooden dice with small rocks inside, that were created by growing small trees around pebbles to carve dice out of. The Chinese also invented playing cards and Keno, the latter being used to fund state projects – possibly including the Great Wall of China.

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To the modern era

The Chinese cards made their way across the continent to Europe by the hands of middle eastern merchants, and underwent many transformations along the way. Eventually, they became the 52-card decks with Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces we use today. Baccarat was played in Italy and France by the 1400s, followed by Blackjack a few hundred years later.


These days it’s easy to play slot machines, poker, craps, roulette and bet on sports, whether in a land-based casino or at an online casino such as InstaCasino, but the first “modern” casinos were the gambling houses of 17th century Italy. Soon thereafter, roulette and poker became popular, likely emerging from France. In the 1880s, a man named Charles Fey invented slot machines, which were an instant hit. In 1898, he created the “Liberty Bell Slot Machine”, which is where the infamous bell symbol comes from.

Video slots came about in 1976 and in 1994, the very first online casino was created by Microgaming. It has since become a massive industry that keeps innovating every year, such as with the introduction of live dealers in 2003 and the leap to mobile casinos shortly after the release of the first iPhones and Android smartphones. What’s next? Virtual reality, social casinos and adventure casinos are already here and show no signs of slowing down. You can even watch live sports in VR!



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