How To Bet For The 2019 Breeder’s Cup

Tipsters Review - 08-Jul-2019

How To Bet For The 2019 Breeder’s Cup


Another annual celebration of thoroughbred horse racing competition is set to unfold in the last quarter of this year. There will be another reason for sports fans to look forward to all betting games that this horse racing tournament will bring. Apart from that this racing showdown will serve as one of the prep races for next year’s edition of the U.S Triple Crown Series.


The Breeder’s Cup World Championships is a yearly event held either in Santa Anita or Churchill Downs to test the true ability of top horse racers all over the world. Each colt and fillies are competing in Grade 1 Stakes category vying not only for this year’s Breeder’s crown and prestige but of course the prize at stake which can reach more than a million dollar.


Moreover, the Breeder’s Cup is now considered as one of the top races in the United States. This race had started in 1984 and from its humble beginnings, it continuously made an effort to grow. As this continues to be productive in the recent years, during 2007 this horse racing event had developed a two-day event making the most out of each colt and besides there’s always a huge amount of prize at stake associated with it.


The main reason why Breeder’s Cup is created is to make sure that the whole horse racing community will bring the best milers, sprinters, juveniles, and all thoroughbred horses to grow as champions. Aside from that, they wanted to make sure that every horse racing fans all over the world can make the most out of betting games they wanted to play the Breeder’s Cup can bring to them.


It is also said that this year’s edition of the Breeder’s Cup will be more colorful. Although last years showdown was considered to be the greatest Breeder’s Cup season so far, the organization of Breeder’s Cup this year is looking forward to top-notch what happened last year. In fact, every horse racer in any part of the world is starting to rise so they can partake the racing show in November.


By the way, the Breeder’s Cup will commence on November 2-3, 2019. This is a two-day event which will be held either in Santa Anita or Churchill Downs. With regards to the venue, there is no exact venue yet as to where the Breeder’s Cup would take place although rumors started to circulate that it will return to Churchill Downs.


There might be issues regarding the venue of the Breeder’s Cup this year, one thing’s for sure is the fun and entertainment that this racing show will bring. Aside from that, the betting games and categories haven’t changed that’s why there is still a bigger reason why you need to witness the racing show this year.

How To Bet The 2019 Breeder’s Cup

Like any other horse racing event you may have known, the 2019 Breeder’s Cup will have a series of betting categories you can play. The betting games haven’t changed over time to truly test your ability when it comes to picking the right winner. If there’s anything that has changed when it comes to betting, the prize at stake might become higher compared to what was given last year.


This year’s edition of the Breeder’s Cup will hold its 36th season where colt and filly entrants will compete in a mile and a half running distance. Everyone is expecting to see the legendary horse racers who were superstars of recently concluded races. Some spectators are also looking forward to a rematch of some Triple Crown candidates who almost made it to the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.


To make sure that you do not miss any betting game in the Breeder’s Cup 2019, let us showcase to you the different betting games you can five in. This will serve as your guide in making sure that you place your bets effectively so you can ultimately manage your bank account when betting.


Win Bet - it literally means that you have to pick a specific horse racer you think will win the 2019Breeder’s Cup.


Place Bet - in this type of bet, you have to select two horse racers which may finish either first or second place after the racing game.


Show Bet - this is the easiest because you can maximize your choices of picking the three horse racers which will come either first, second, or third place at the end of the race.


If you want to bring your betting prowess to a higher level, there are more challenging betting games you can choose to partake.


EXACTA BET -it is where you pick two horse racer which should come first and second place in the exact order.


TRIFECTA - you need to pick three horse entries which will finish first, second, and third in the right order.


SUPERFECTA - this will test your true betting ability as you need to pick four horses which will place exactly as first, second, third, and fourth.


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