Interview with Back Lucrative - Horse Racing Tipster

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Interview with back Lucrative - Horse Racing Tipster




  • 1.How did you first get into sports betting?

I started betting at an early age, about 16, at the prospect of ‘getting rich quick’. Like all young gamblers I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I definitely lost a lot more than I ever won back then. I was a full time student and what with the betting alongside Uni fee’s, over the next few years I racked up some serious debt.



  • 2.At what point did you realise that you can make some real money from sports betting?

I would definitely say it was the frustration of losing, and being in debt, that eventually made me successful. I simply refused to believe that you couldn’t earn money from betting, even though this is what the vast majority do believe. This became something of an obsession - I come from a maths/stats background, so was used to crunching numbers and enjoyed researching different systems and strategies at all hours of the day and night. Dig deep enough and you’ll always find something of worth, and eventually I did.

Finishing Uni, I set up Lucrative Racing Trust straight off the bat. There’s so many horse racing systems, services etc. available online, the difference with my own being I knew they worked and so was eager to share and help others create an additional income for themselves, as well as supplementing my own.


  • 3.How did you come to select Horse Racing as your chosen sport?

It’s the Sport of Kings - need I say more? No, but seriously the betting and the sport itself are so fused together – they are one and the same. You can take the betting away from Football, for example, and the match will still be largely the same. Take the betting away from Racing, however, and you completely change the sport.





  • 4.Are there any particular events that you look forward to throughout the year?

The summer flat racing festivals are the most enjoyable for me, Glorious Goodwood and Royal Ascot just to name a couple. I often have the opportunity to attend, and there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere at these events. Saying that, I still find plenty of enjoyment in day to day racing.



  • 5.What was your best ever bet?

Hmm….hard to say. I’ve had a few ‘three figure odds’ winners over the years, a couple involving a highly inflated Betfair SP, and one well placed Round Robin, all of which could compete for the ‘best bet’ title.


  • 6.What kind of factors do you evaluate before making a selection?

It depends on the strategy being used. The easiest way, in my opinion, to earn from betting is to find value. I created my own ‘odds compiling’ strategy which allows me to identify value prices offered by the bookies, usually early-mid morning. This is reflected in my ‘BackLucrative’ betting service.

On the other hand, I also use strategies that focus on making a profit on the exchanges, ideally at Betfair SP. This involves several different approaches, including the use of betting systems, yard information, market perception angles etc.



  • 7.What has been the biggest influence on your betting career?

The original decision to stop gambling and look at betting as a long term form of investment.



. 8. Do you have any future plans in regards to your service?


At the moment I’m happy continuing to focus on our current services, making sure they’re producing consistent long term profits for members, and adding to our member base further so more people can reap the benefits.

We have an upcoming promotion for our Portfolio service, which involves a combination of win, place and lay betting on the exchanges. The service generates a substantial profit at Betfair SP, which is something the majority of betting services out there are unable to do.

As a bit of a stats geek, I’m always looking at new angles and strategies to profit from Horse Racing. If anything worthwhile presents itself, and if time constraints allow it, a new service could well appear down the line.

  • 9.What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your betting career?

Again, I’d have to go back to my first challenge, which was to learn how to view betting as a long-term investment. While the concept sounds simple, it requires a complete change in mindset which can take years to master.




  • 10.How do you balance your betting time and family life?

Our services cover the racing 6 days per week. Sunday’s is a designated ‘no computer’ day, giving me a chance to wind down and forget about betting, at least for a day. We also usually take a week off over Christmas at our member’s request.





  • 11.Do you have a favourite horse that you follow regularly?

I have several that I follow fairly closely, but not one in particular which I could call favourite.




  • 12.How do you keep calm when you hit a run of losing bets?

After several years in the betting game, keeping a level head during a losing run becomes a lot easier. Saying that, I still find it difficult as a vendor when one of our betting services experience a losing period, because member are counting on each service to provide winning bets.

I find that providing an in-house review of each service regularly, and showing members how losing runs are part and parcel of any betting strategy, are two important features to help members adopt a long term approach. It is in the long term that we’re able to earn a substantial profit from betting.



  • 13.How do you organise your bank management?

I tend to simplify as much as possible - keeping track of several different bankrolls at once can become a lot of work!

Although I use several strategies in my betting portfolio, I prefer using a communal bankroll, made up of the total number of points required to cover all the strategies I’m currently using. This allows me to see the total profit / loss figure for all betting activities for a given time period. There’s also an additional safety buffer in this approach, since profit’s from one strategy can be used to offset losses from another, and it’s unusual for several strategies to suffer losing runs at the same time,

In terms of where to keep your bankroll, I’d recommend keeping it separate from personal money either by setting up a bank account solely for betting, or by using an online wallet such as Skrill or Neteller. It’s also useful to have enough funds in exchange and bookmaker account to cover a few days worth of bets.


14. What is the best reason you could give to anyone who was thinking about following

your service?

Punters that make a consistent profit from their betting all have one thing in common; the ability to take action when the right opportunity presents itself. Profitable punters only make up around 2% of the total betting community.

The majority of the 98% fail to profit by failing to act, whether the required action is research to find a profitable strategy, or choosing to use a proven betting service such as our own. We offer a trial period to all our services, along with a 60 day money back guarantee, meaning anyone can test the service out and see if it works for them.

A big thank you to horse racing tipster Back Lucrative for his contribution to this Q&A. 



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