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Tipsters Review - 18-Mar-2015

Another interview for you again today and this time it is with football and horse racing tipsters ACCUTIPSTER. The guys at Accutipster have been working incredibly hard over the past year and have seen there service go from strength to strength Football tips, horse racing news, free bets, fantasy football, they cover it all.  

How did you first get into sports betting ?

As an 18 year old – I was working on a building site and got chatting with a few lads from another company. At that point I knew about betting but had never considered it, despite my ever-growing knowledge. They were talking about it all, what bets they had put on, how they were one off on their accumulator etc. That just got me thinking “Why not have a go…”

At what point did you realize that you can make some real money from sports betting?

After the initial period of making mistakes, and my love for statistics, I felt I could utilise it to my advantage, and although you always get the strange results, I’m usually pretty spot on. At about 21, just before starting AccuTipster – I had an amazing run and knew making a nice sum of money was a real possibility.

How did you come to select Football as your chosen sport?

From the age of about 6, I have been obsessed with football. With two other brothers supporting Man Utd and Tottenham, as well as most of my family being football supporters – it came naturally. Even know when I see most of them, bar the first question of “how are you”, and “alright mon” etc – the next topic is a discussion about a recent game, or a little bit of taking the mick over a previous game.

Are there any particular events that you look forward to throughout the year?

Yes – pretty much any Cup final, Horse Racing events such as Cheltenham or Ascot, Six Nations, NFL Superbowl. All of our team are huge sports fans!

What was your best ever bet?

Football wise – a 200/1 6 fold that a lot of people were on. T’was a midweek set of English games and with 5 minutes to go we needed 1 goal, West Ham – and it came in! Another good one was my first ever Horse Racing bet – our Horse Racing tipster had tipped a horse per race at Ascot, and I picked four at random, stuck £5 on – three dominated, and one came from the back to win. 157/1, £800 return!

What kind of factors do you evaluate before making a selection?

Specific form, injuries, suspensions and any media factors (pressure after a huge loss, managers under pressure, criticism over other things). Form wise – if a team is away, you check overall form and then mainly away from home. A team could have 5 wins on the trot, but could have lost 4/5 away – so you get a feel for where teams perform. If three or four key players are out (for example, Newcastle next weekend – No Coloccini and Cisse, two key players) they will get a hammering! Especially when looking at smaller leagues, you get better value as bookies do not pay as much attention when pricing up – always worth looking!


 What has been the biggest influence on your betting career?

Mistakes from other people I have known to have bet big money and lost. It’s taught me that when you bet, never place more than you can afford to lose. The second you place bets with an ounce of desperation, you are not winning, even if you win. In my experience, betting is for enjoyment first – and to have a career in it, you need a big balance to start off.

Do you have any future plans in regards to your service?

At this point in time – we are taking things as they come. Our team is growing – the likes of Jamie, James, Josh, Niall and Tom have been excellent additions to our blog – and if we continue to grow at the current rate…who knows!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your betting career?

A 6-week period where I lost £100 and placed a few too many £100 bets trying to make said £100 back, which epically failed!  Admitting to myself that I had to stop and accept my losses was a huge obstacle – but once done and a 3-month break was taken, it refreshed my love for gambling and since then I haven’t looked back!

How do you balance your betting time and family life?

Luckily, in a way – I work nights. My girlfriend works in the day time, so any blog work/betting is done while she is out of the flat. Family events come first – betting can always be done another time, it’s not like it comes round once a year.

Do you have a favourite team/horse that you follow regularly?

I have supported Newcastle since I was 6 (James, who runs AccuTipster with me has supported Man Utd from a similar age). I like to keep an eye on local teams, so the likes of Cheltenham, Hereford and Worcester are teams I keep an eye out for. In other sports, Gloucester in Rugby/Cricket, as well as the national team. Horses is not really my bag – so no particular horse followed.

How do you keep calm when you hit a run of losing bets?

Easy – I have confidence in my ability to find value in footballing markets. You have to accept that sometimes things do not go your way, and move on to the next day. There will be a day when everything clicks and you are back in the game!

How do you organize your bank management?

I have a separate account for any betting moneys, and start a month with a set amount. If I lose it all in a bad run, that’s that for the month. At the end of the month, any profit goes into my main bank account, and I run with my set amount again.

What is the best reason you could give to anyone who was thinking about following your service?

We are all about quality. We back up any bets with solid stats and give write-ups which explain our thinking behind each game. We don’t guarantee profit as, like with the last weekend – it can be very unpredictable. We offer solid, honest advice and are always about to answer any queries. Unlike several Tipsters we know (and many others do unfortunately) there is no lying, removing of tips or plastering signup offers all over social media or even directly to your personal mail. We post all tips early, usually at least 8-10 hours before any kick off times, and even offer anyone trying to get their name out as an aspiring tipster or writer a platform to show their ability. Most importantly, the service is free, and always will be. We don’t claim to be the best or the worst – and do it for the love of sport and posting our opinion on a whole host of sporting events and matters!

A big thanks to will from Accutipster for taking the time out to give us an excellent insight into his sports betting website. 

We will be back with another interview in the not to distant future. 



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