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Tipsters Review - 11-Mar-2015

We have another excellent interview for you today as we teamed up with Shaun Murphy from Greyhound Racing Tips to find out more about him and his greyhound tipster service. Shaun has also provided readers with a free eBook on insiders secrets and how to pick more winners at the greyhound track. You can pick up this free eBook up by clicking here greyhound racing tips free eBook. You can also try out his greyhound racing tips service for just £1 by visiting his website

  1. How did you first get into sports betting?

Growing up in Ireland … I couldn't really avoid betting! And with a Dad that had 25 greyhounds and an older brother … Had some pretty strong influence in the greyhound and betting world

2. At what point did you realize that you can make some real money from sports betting?

I've always managed to make a bit of money on the sports that I bet on when I was younger … But I really got into betting after I started training greyhounds and working at various levels in the greyhound industry

3. How did you come to select Greyhound racing as your chosen sport?

As above really – It was my Dad that got me into greyhounds and over all the sports betting that I do … greyhounds is my favourite

4. Are there any particular events that you look forward to throughout the year?

Got to be the greyhound Derby's – both the English and Irish. Cheltenham Festival has come to be a bit of a favourite too

5.What was your best ever bet?

I have a few memorable chair grabbing bets over the years – Not always in greyhounds … I think my biggest pay day had to be a Gold Cup bet – had a nice ante post bet on Bobsworth at 20/1!!

6.What kind of factors do you evaluate before making a selection?

What don't I evaluate before making a selection ?!?… Greyhounds is a bit of an odd sport when it comes to selecting winners – A lot harder than horses, football and golf!

When you get to know the inside of the greyhound industry like I do – its only then that you can really understand just how erratic results can be – And one ruling factor for a winner one day – doesn't necessarily mean that the  same formula will work the next day …

Greyhound trainers tend to work their own systems when they will work a dog or take the brakes off a dog – and the trainers are a rule unto themselves – each working within their own little bubble with little regulation and uniformity of training practices

Another thing is the dogs themselves – A lot of people will get a greyhound and put it out for a run, not knowing whether its any good or not – and the grading at the tracks can be pretty poor – so what you end up with is a new dog graded too high in class with a trainer that might not be able to even get it anywhere near standard.

If you want to get good at picking greyhounds – you really do need to know your trainers … Some trainers own all the dogs they put out to run – Some don't! And like I said before – there is a great contrast in the standards of training within the greyhound industry

Other factors I look at when choosing my selections everyday are:

The age of the dog

Bitches in form

Track Bias

Unexposed and new dogs

Track conditions

Dogs taking drops in grades

Again you can use my free eBook to help with your greyhound racing betting. 

7. What has been the biggest influence on your betting career?

Might be a strange answer … But watching a loser gambler is my biggest influence on my betting!!

I've got a few mates who are bad gamblers … 5 minutes in the casino and they'll be down a grand! They can't keep a win on a horse either  – they have to give it all back!

Gambling is a risk … But I always try and take a calculated risk – and I think the key to winning is trying not to give it back!

I spent 4 years playing poker full time – that taught me a lot about gambling too – Making a living from gambling online has a glamorous image – But it's not as easy as it looks – Too many people get cocky, and my belief is that you are only as good as your last winner!

8. Do you have any future plans in regards to your service?

Absolutely – Since starting, I've had a really good response to the service, with a steady take up of the daily tipping service

I put a lot of time into making my selections everyday – and I want to keep it that way … Offering people the best advice I can when it comes to what I can see as potential winners for the day

Hopefully, as we grow, we'll get more and more subscribers based on the quality of the information we supply – I have no doubt that the amount of people that come to me with insider info will also increase as my name spreads across the UK – combining the two factors – I'm only hoping that I can keep on improving the service until I can reach a steady 40% strike rate every month

I'd love to get more involved with Racing Post Greyhound TV – Most of my bets are worked around the broadcasts so subscribers can sit and watch their selections

9. What has been the biggest challenge you've faced in your betting career?

Dealing with losses … You got to accept losses and move on – with the right mindset and attitude – Go in with a clear head the next day

I also found that opening myself up totally to criticism with the online service was a bit scary – But I'm absolutely used to it now – and don't mind the odd hater heckling!

10.   How do you balance your betting time and family life?

Ha ha – Do you want my wife's opinion – or mine???? Enough said!!

11.   Do you have a favourite team/horse that you follow regularly?

I don't follow any specific team or horse or anything really – Yet I'm well up on a lot of sports because I follow sport in general !!

12.   How do you keep calm when you hit a run of losing bets?

Don't chase … Don't make a bad day worse!!

13.   How do you organize your bank management?

I tend to cut my stakes back a little when I feel a bit unsure

14.   What is the best reason you could give to anyone who was thinking about following

your service?

With 3 to 4 hours a day studying – you aren't going to get a more thorough selection – Every selection I make is reasoned with a good explanation included in the emails I send out – often with copy of my bets ( My subscribers love this)

I've been told by many of my subscribers that they have really struggled to find a good greyhound tipster in the past – and that my tips have been the most accurate and reliable

I speak to my subscribers regularly – and I often shoot out late info as it come into me

With greyhound selections being as tough as they are - 70% of my bets are in the first two places – and although you don't get paid out for 2nd place – Because of the way I write up the tips and send out the info – I'm kind of helping the punter make the best choices and selections – So not just sending a tip as though it's been pulled from the air

I base the quality of my service on my reputation – I want to give my subscribers the very best chance to beat the bookies – I don't just see this as a way of making income for me – It's mega important to me that I continually supply good quality information to my subscribers

I chat to people on Twitter, Facebook and on my website – I am totally open and transparent about my results – posting them on my website regularly – and I just want to build a community of greyhound punters who love Racing Post Greyhound TV which is a great service for the armchair punter

Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us Shaun, you have given us a great incite to one of the less known sports which is certainly growing in popularity. 

If you would like to receive Shaun's Greyhound racing Tips you can trial it here for just £1


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