Lavish Of The Breeders’ Cup World Traditions Championship

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Lavish Of The Breeders’ Cup World Traditions Championship



Horse racing is a popular event that thousands of people all over the world are attending. The outcome of the race is indeed what everyone is waiting for. Annually, several races for horses take place in any part of the world, showcasing distinct racehorses with elite skills in running and galloping.


There have been a lot of famous races, including the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, and many others. Thus, horses leap through these races to have an award and finish first. Although not all are lucky enough to place in a race, these horses still display their utmost best to the public. Also, they can somehow make an unusual move for the viewers to remember.


Breeders’ Cup Contenders are also the same as most of the racehorses. They train up their best before the races, along with their trainers and jockey, aiming to finish the competitions in the first place. Thus, during matches, jockeys give the command, and in return, these horses follow. For this reason, the bond between the rider and the horse is a crucial factor to finish in a higher position, even finishing first.


Moreover, horse racing is a fascinating occurrence, and it’s not strange to see people put in the time and effort to go watch an actual race. For individuals who can’t watch the live races, the can go online and check with sites that offer a live stream of the races. With the help of technology today, punters can also place their bets virtually, using their gadgets.


Any race has its history and traditions to tell, yet, the Breeders’ Cup World Of Championship is nothing without these traditions. Indeed, these practices make the event more popular as well as attracts more people. Here are some traditions that you should know about.

The Torrie Trophy

Every year, the Breeders’ Cup races award the same design of trophy to the winner of the event. It is a genuine bronze replica of the legendary Torrie horse by Giovanni da Bologna in the year 1850.


The well-designed trophy depicts a very detailed picture of a horse that’s showing off its muscles. Each year, each of the contenders has the chance to bring home this traditional trophy, along with the other awards.


Although the original trophy showcases its features annually in the racetrack where the event would take place, the winners will have the detailed replica made with bronze. For this instance, each year, the association would provide a cast of the Torrie horse to reward the winning horses.

Flower Garland

As with any other horse racing event, a flower garland is also given to the winning horse along with the Torrie Horse trophy. What makes this garland unique from other garlands are the flowers used. The Flower garland that prestigious races use often haveyellow chrysanthemum flowers as the base, and purple ones as the outline.


The garland also has white orchids, fresh chrysanthemums, and some greenery to cover the middle part of the award. A round violet plaque placed in the blanket with the Breeders’ Cup name and logo emblem embroidered within can also be seen. These things highlight the official color and trademark of the Breeders’ Cup. Thus, the lucky horse to win the race will have the chance to bring home this flower blanket.

Down The Stretch

An Official drink is a thing in most of the horse racing events. Mint juleps are for the Kentucky Derby. Locals and race patrons often call this drink “Down The Stretch.” Down the stretch is also the official beverage for the Breeders’ Cup.


This drink is highly in demand during Breeders’ Cup races. Blue Curacao, Grey Goose Vodka, cranberry juice, sweet and sour blend, and Sprite consist of the famous drink. Thus, Down The Stretch is the beverage of choice for the Breeders’ Cup racing fans.


Are you planning to attend Breeders’ Cup World Championships? Ready yourself for the thrilling races and try to sip the sweetness of the drink. For sure, you would want to come back for more!

The Fashion

One thing that never gets out to date in the races is fashion. Flamboyant clothing that people and supporters are wearing during the competitions makes the event more attractive. This phenomenon is specific to the fascinating headwear that individuals put on.


Breeders’ Cup World Championship will showcase not only various horses with extraordinary talents in the racing field but also to extravagant head garments of the people watching the event. Men and women extend a little effort to picking what to wear during the competition from flowery hats to fedoras, classic and stylish dresses, suits, and many other things. Fans are all out to support the event as well as dressing to impress the crowd.


The Breeders’ Cup World Championship is an ideal event worth your time. The phenomenon is not only sporting horses racing through the field, but it is also flaunting a rich tradition that makes the races exciting and as a whole. You can expect to see traditions that make the races more exciting to watch.


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