Let Your Spirit Run Free: Fast Kentucky Derby Facts You Should Know

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Let your spirit run free : Fast Kentucky Derby Facts You Should Know

The most exciting first leg of the Triple Crown tournament kicks off on May 04, 2019. Surely, the racetrack of Churchill Downs will be filled again with hundreds and thousands of spectators witnessing the grandest Kentucky Derby. Truly, this is a celebration of the year not just for horse racing fans but for all sports bettors around the world.


So, before you go ahead and packed your bags to witness an action-filled “Run For The Roses” let’s get to know to some few fun facts about Kentucky. Might as well feed your mind with a little background of what the derby is all about to fully enjoy the racing tournament. At the end of the day, nothing beats a rewarding racing experienced packed with full event knowledge.

Why called “The Run For The Roses”? 


The Kentucky Derby carries an official trademark flower which is a red rose. Once a horse racer successfully finished the course without a hitch, he is draped with red roses or garlands of roses. The horse racer stands on a symbolic blanket the same attribute to the crown.


It was actually way back in 1925 that “The Run For The Roses” was coined by a sports columnist in New York by the name of Bill Corum who gave the nickname to the Kentucky Derby. Gladly, the Kentucky organization had adopted this term in which Bill Corum became the Churchill Downs President. This is the main reason why that Kentucky had embraced this legacy which also made the derby one of the most popular horse racing events in the entire world.

Who Will Take the Kentucky Trophy?

The trophy that is won in Kentucky is taken by the owner of the horse.It generally weighs around 56 ounces and 22 inches tall. It has a jade base which makes the trophy an incredible gem to treasure.Additionally, the trophy is manufactured of 14-karat gold with a horseshoe design. This what makes the Kentucky Derby distinct from other horse racing tournament. It is even dubbed to have the most expensive trophy given in any major and grand horse racing show.


What’s The Speed of Every Running Horse?

Apart from the famous title of “Run For The Roses”, Kentucky Derby is also known to have “The Fastest Two Minutes In Sports”.Every year, around 20 horses compete and every horse racer show off their fastest speed in two minutes. Surprisingly, the Kentucky Derby has recorded a 1:59 fastest running time which a horse completed the first course. This record was tallied by Secretariat which took place in 1973. Until this day, no one has ever broken that record who knows maybe this year one entry can break it. In 1908 comes a bit of a challenge for all horse racer because the racetrack is quite muddy. This makes a slower performance of every horse runners which deems a major setback in the history of Kentucky Derby.


Additionally, one of the things that make Kentucky Derby unique is the song they play when the gate is about to open for the race to start. Stephen Foster wrote the song entitled “My Old Kentucky Home” played by the marching band from the University of Louisville.




Will Fillies Make It To The Kentucky Derby?

A day before the Kentucky Derby starts comes a Kentucky championship series which is the Kentucky Oaks. This is a course made for all female horses running and a winner is draped in a garland of lilies. Aside from that, Kentucky Oaks was also established for a fundraising event to support the costs of medication for women who are fighting from cancers, but also including the survivors.


Talking about the possibility of every filly to join the Kentucky Derby is possible. Just because they are female horses doesn’t mean they are not allowed to compete with male horses in the Kentucky Derby. In fact, through the history of Kentucky, there are three female horses who won namely Genuine Risk (1980), Regret (1915) and Winning Colors (1988).

What Makes Kentucky Derby More Fun?

One major thing that makes the Kentucky Derby fun is a toast of Mint Juleps for everyone. This is a trademark drink of the said horse racing tournament in which people are looking forward to drinking every Kentucky Derby edition.This is anticipated because usually, Kentucky takes place in pleasant and hot weather. Though weather is unpredictable all the time, all through the course of the Kentucky Derby, it happens during hot water. This is why people need a sip of Mint Julep to refresh themselves while watching an action-packed racing show.


If Kentucky Derby is one of your travel bucket list this year it must be an excellent choice for you to complete your travel goals. Adding yourself with little bit knowledge of what Kentucky Derby is all about will surely bring your Kentucky horse racing experience a more entertaining and unforgettable travel experience.


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