Matched Bets : The Who, The What & The Why

Tipsters Review - 17-Feb-2017

Matched Bets : The Who, The What & The Why

Matched Bets - Tipsters Review

Matched Betting : The What is a subscription website providing tools and tutorials on how to make money from bookmaker free bet offers and promotions.

For anyone unfamiliar with matched betting, it is a proven, risk free method to make guaranteed profits from betting offers. Using betting exchanges to lay selections at odds matched closely to those backed on bookmaker websites, matched bettors can qualify for free bets at no, or very little cost before using the free bets to make a cash profit from the offer. Experienced matched bettors are making £500 - £1000 per month for a few hours each week and it is all tax-free.


Matched Bets : The Who founder, Dave Archer launched the site in August 2016 and brings a wealth of experience to the table. He and his team have over 40 years in the gambling industry and in their first venture into the online gambling sector, developed one the UK’s leading sports betting affiliate websites promoting free bet offers and odds comparison services to ensure visitors could get the best value from betting.

Now attention has turned to matched betting and visitors can expect to find innovation and industry-leading service.

What sets MatchedBets apart from similar services is the provision of bespoke tools built by the in-house development team. Odds matching software returns close matches that competitor software seems unable to find. The integrated matched betting calculator has more settings than other calculators and provides users with more precise calculations for various types of free bets and bonuses.

Another benefit is the real-time update of price changes and liquidity on betting exchanges. This removes the frustration experienced with other odds matching software when navigating to the exchange only to find the odds have changed or there isn’t enough money available to fully match your bet.

Matched Bets also provides Bet Tracking. With just a few clicks, users can set the result of their bets, keep track of unused free bets and have an up to date record of matched betting profits without the need to manage spreadsheets.


Matched Bets : The Why

The website featured over 180 offers on the last visit, with around £700 guaranteed profit from sign up offers and much more to be made from daily offers for bookmakers’ existing customers. The site also features risk free casino offers and bingo offers which can significantly boost those monthly profits.

Each offer has a step by step guide that even the most inexperienced bettor can follow along with video guides plus tips and tricks to get the most from matched betting. The Knowledge Centre has a wealth of articles covering everything from how to get started, protecting your betting accounts and various matched betting strategies to suit the needs of the newbie or experienced matched bettor.

Help is at hand via live chat which will connect you with a matched betting expert between 8.00am and 8.30pm or the recently launched free public forum which also has an exclusive section for Premium subscribers.

You can sign up for a free trial which has three sign up offers and will make around £40 if you complete them all. That’s enough to pay for the first couple of months Premium membership which is a bargain at £14 per month or £140 for an annual subscription.



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