Omaha Beach Bid For 2020 Pegasus World Cup

Tipsters Review - 08-Jan-2020

Omaha Beach Bids For 2020 Pegasus World Cup: How Does His Fate Look Like?


The Stronach Group is delighted to announce that the 2020 Pegasus World Cup will take place in a few more weeks. It will create another venue for horse racers to prove their saddling skills once again, as they will compete for a $3 million purse prize in a dirt track. Besides, it will also allow them to paint an impression of every bettor for broader wagering opportunities.


The 2020 Pegasus World Cup Invitational will take place at Gulfstream Park in Florida on January 25, 2020. It will feature four-year-old thoroughbred racers, taking the Grade 1 Stakes category. It will surely come as another festive horse racing event like the previous Pegasus World Cup editions.


This year, Stronach has invited 12 horse racers to compete for the 2020 Pegasus World Cup wagers. One of the racers that leads the racing poll of the most favored to win the title is Omaha Beach. He generates the current highest odds as the racing competition draws near. Besides, he gets the highest invite votes from Stronach Group.


Can Omaha Beach win the Pegasus World Cup this year? Let's see how his fate will fare this year.

Omaha Beach's Background

Omaha Beach is one of the most in-demand horse racers in the United States after he got foaled in 2016. He was the leading prospect to win last year's edition on the Kentucky Derby, but failed to do so as he misses the competition due to health issues. After he recovered, many horse racing fans are waiting for him to join significant horse racing events.


Moreover, this thoroughbred racer is trained by Richard Mandella and owned by Fox Hill Farms. Since the start of his racing career, he never failed to produce titles to make him one of the best horse racers in the United States. In the upcoming Pegasus World Cup, Omaha Beach can surely give you the best value to bet, Mandella said.

Horse Racing Career

In his bid for the 2020 Pegasus World Cup, Omaha Beach has an impressive record, which makes him an excellent value to bet. He was part of many legendary horse racing tournaments in the United States, and most of his finishes are titles. That's why a lot of punters are willing to gamble for Omaha Beach in any horse racing.


The main reason why this horse racer gained a lot of popularity in the horse racing community is because of his huge achievements last year. He bagged four titles in the most famous horse racing tournaments in the world. It makes his racing record more reliable, and if he wins the Pegasus World Cup in two weeks, then he might be nominated as Horse of the Year.


Some of Omaha Beach's biggest achievements last year include his first-place finishes at the Rebel Stakes, Arkansas Derby, and Malibu Stakes. His recent accomplishment that leads Stronach Group to invite him in the Pegasus World Cup is a convincing finish in the Santa Anita Sprint Championship.


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