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It’s the season to saddle up as the newest edition of U.S Triple Crown Series will kick off a few days from now. This is the grandest horse racing showdown of all time which existed for more than a century. The U.S. Triple Crown Series is composed of three major horse racing legs competing in Grade 1 Stakes. These will be graced by three-year-old thoroughbred racers across the country.


Generally, the Triple Crown is spearheaded by Kentucky Derby, succeeded by Preakness Stakes, and closed by Belmont Stakes. In fact, the Kentucky Derby has finally opened last April 27, 2019, and the grand racing show will take part on May 4 in the dirt track of Churchill Downs, Kentucky. For sure, a lot of bettors have successfully closed their competitive entries to wage for the upcoming” Run For The Roses”.


While your bets are already sealed for the Kentucky Derby, wagering for your favorite entries doesn’t stop there because Preakness comes next after the derby. Hence, let’s see the common Preakness Stakes FAQs to fully guide you in this years “Run For The Black-Eyed Susans” which will also provide you the most up-to-date betting information for every horse entries joining the said showdown.

When and Where is the 209 Preakness Stakes?

This year’s Preakness Stakes will hold its 144th edition on May 18, 2019, two weeks after the Kentucky Derby showdown. This will take place in the race track of Pimlico Park in Baltimore, Maryland. According to the recent rumors, Preakness Stakes will hold its final year in Pimlico as they will head on to the new venue next year.


This was confirmed by the Stronach Group which is the land developer of the Pimlico race course. They said that they would develop the land for more profit-earning business establishments. Despite this fact, the Preakness Stakes organization still made a way of making sure that this year’s fun and excitement won’t be affected. Anyhow,the organization has also said that the Preakness Stakes will move to a new venue next year which is in Laurel Park.

How many horses will run in the race?

As mentioned, the Preakness Stakes is the middle jewel of the Triple Crown Series and has a shorter race track length compared to the other two. The Kentucky Derby can settle up to 20 contenders, but the Preakness Stakes can vary.


Technically, the limit of horse runners who can saddle the Preakness race course is around 14 or fewer than that. This is to make sure that the quality of running of each horse is observed paving a way to a more convincing Preakness titleholder.

How much is the prize at stake for Preakness titleholder?

According to the Preakness organizer, the winning colt will receive a total prize of $900,000. It’s a bigger compared to last year’s winner. Ideally, the total prize that the Preakness winner can take home is around $1.5Mand there will other be prizes provided for other five finishers which are also in a form of money.

What time will the Preakness Stakes start?

The typical Preakness racing showdown will start around 6:20 PM EST and most sports tv network will show live action of the Preakness Stakes.

How much the Preakness Stakes ticket cost?

Here are the ticket prices for the Preakness Stakes according to tiers.


Premium Seating - it costs around $200 to $720 which includes exclusive dining experience and has a perfect view of the race track and the show.


Grandstand Seating - the ticket price for this seating can range from $135 to $385. The location of this seating is found near the finish line of the race track and allows you to see clearly who the race winners will be.


Clubhouse Seating - it costs around $75 to 220 which offers great outdoor seating. You will also have access to HD TV with inclusion access to the InfieldFest so you can fully enjoy the music festival.


Concourse Seating - ticket cost is around $120 to $160 with a great view for the homestretch.


Facility Admission Seating - it costs around $40 where you can enjoy watching the live racing show via monitors.You also have access to foods and other concessions included like beverages.


InFieldFest Ticket Pass - the ticket to this fest can range around $79 to $199 wherein you can enjoy partying the all-day festival of music. Line ups have been announced earlier last month and that you will be able to party with the famous DJs across the country.

Where to bet the Preakness Stakes 2019?

Betting options for the 2019 Preakness can be done either off-track or online. If you would like to bet off-track, you can get betting tickets in the venue to search online for the nearest OTB stores.


Lastly, online betting allows you to have a convenient and efficient wagering game. Make sure you look for a legit betting site so you won’t get scammed.


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