Richard Johnsons Just Signed Up With The Racing Post Weeks After His Injury

Tipsters Review - 13-Mar-2020

Richard Johnsons Just Signed Up With The Racing Post Weeks After His Injury


being a jockey is not an everyday job that everyone can handle; it has its challenges and hurdles that the contenders have to face in every game. A lot of hours have to be put in to become the best in this hobby turned career. The sweats, the tears, the victories, the losses, even the injuries, it is evident that jockeys face quite a lot. And the Englishman Richard Johnson understands this a bit too well. So much so, in this piece, we shall take you through his journey up to this very triumphant announcement that he has signed up with the Racing Post, which is excellent news.

Well, before we get to the particulars of the exciting news, let us take a brief trip down memory lane to see who Richard Johnson is.

Some background info

If anyone in the world had the stars aligned to them becoming a jockey professionally, it had to be Richard. He comes from a family that both parents are actively involved in the sport. His dad was an amateur jockey, and his mum was a professional trainer. And with this, it was, without a doubt, his fate that he fell in love with the sport.

Well, having such support does pay off as he had his first big win at the tender age of 18, where he became the champion conditional jockey in the 1995/96 season. Here a conditional jockey being an apprentice national Hunt racing jockey in either Ireland or Great Britain under 26 years who have not won more than 75 races under rules. Alternatively, one that had not won many races within the last six months.

From then on, he has had a very successful career lining up from the Cheltenham Festival back in 1999, where he won the Stayers' Hurdle. Then the 2000 Tote Cheltenham Gold Cup and the 2001 Queen Mother Champion Chase with Flagship Umbrellas. And this is just some of his wins that Richard Johnsons has under his belt.

And now he adds to his achievements by being a columnist in the very appreciated Racing Post. This is diversification at its best. He now has a chance to not only do what he loves but talk about it, and even better yet share it with the world.

The big news

Well, by now, you already know that you will be reading some of the pieces, one of the best English jockeys of all time on the pages of the newspaper Racing post. But this is not the only great news that Richard is sharing as he is returning to the races in a matter of days.

He will be an active columnist for pieces every Saturday. Moreover, he will also be a columnist on each day of the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National Festival at Aintree. Additionally, he will be frequent on Racing Post's other columns like 'What a shout.' and lastly, he will play out as an official ambassador of the jockey welfare.

The paper being the main racing paper, offers its clients the latest info on any news in regards to horse racing. It is then, without a doubt, that the best horse betting sites can rely on the analysis of their odds. He is very enthusiastic about the new role as he said in a statement, "I'm delighted they have come on board to sponsor me- you will see Racing Post on my leg from the end of the week." He even expressed that he is looking forward to the plenty of times he will be spending in the studio writing for the paper.

Healing in Victory


While Richard Johnson is enjoying this newness into the sports journalism world, he is recovering from an arm injury just 37 days after suffering a fall at the Exeter. And here is where he paid tribute to the team that looked after him that has resulted in a speedy recovery. He mentioned that he was lucky that the BHA doctor, Jerry Hill, took fast action to treat the arm by putting a plate and setting it on the road to a quick recovery. Additionally, he also greatly thanked his wife, who takes excellent care of him by especially organizing all the right supplements he had to take.

This stream of good news shows us that through hard times comes good results. And this to Richard is just another bright star shining down on him. Well, he might have suffered a terrible fall that may have potentially been the end of his career, but as we can see, that is not so. This just shows us that whenever we do what we love with all our souls, only good can come out of it. Yes, you might stumble on a few hurdles, of which Richard Johnsons did quite literally, but emerged victorious at the end. Hard work and passion surely does pay.


To conclude, we all cannot wait to read what Johnsons has to share with the world on horse racing. The expertise and knowledge he has gathered over the years will, for sure, make his new line of duty very practical. And even as he waits for his arm to fully, he will have some work to do and share with the world news, he is very passionate about- Horse racing.



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