The horses you need to know about for this year's Grand National

Tipsters Review - 07-Apr-2017


The horses you need to know about for this year's Grand National

With the biggest racing event of the year due to take place this weekend, you can already feel the excitement mounting across the UK. And, with all of the 40 runners and riders being poised and ready for the big race on Saturday at 5:15pm, the amount of time left to pick a winner is running out. While The Last Samurai (the runner up from last year) is tipped to win, we all know that anything can happen once the race gets underway. Tackling the 30 notoriously tricky jumps is no easy feat, which is why horses are only entered into the competition once their trainer feels that they are fit and healthy enough to make it through the race (alongside meeting the minimum requirements set by the event). If you are curious about which horses have got people talking this year, then take a look at the following:

Vieux Lion Rouge

The great thing about Vieux Lion Rouge is his ability to race well on multiple types of ground, which makes him a popular choice in terms of his flexibility.

Definitely Red

Interestingly, Definitely Red has gained quite a bit of support from football fans due to his name. However, it has to be said that this horse has a lot more to offer than just that. Definitely Red’s trainer, Brian Ellison, has a fantastic background in what he does and has plenty of wins under his belt.

The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai has definitely got people talking this year after his impressive second place positioning last year. His previous trainer Donald McCain has now been replaced by Kim Bailey and both have backed him as a potential winner, which has increased the confidence of the betters around the UK.


Blacklion is said to be a champion in the making, having come in second place in Haydock’s Grand National Trial. His young age and spirited temperament have certainly caught the attention of many!

More Of That

More Of That has been in top form in recent years, which has made him a hot topic among The Grand National supporters and those looking to win big time in this year’s races. With brand new cheek pieces fitted, this classy horse has a lot of potential.

One For Arthur

One For Arthur cannot be forgotten for his impressive third placement in the Grand National last year and he has certainly maintained his stamina since that point.

Placing your bets

While it can be said that a certain level of understating of the horses taking part in The Grad National and the sport as a whole can help you in making the most informed betting decision, that is not to say that luck cannot help you along the way, too! Whether you are a newbie to the betting scene or are a seasoned pro looking to spice things up a bit, the Ladbrokes Grand National Horse Generator could help you pick your winner!


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