Thinking of betting on Copa America? Where to start!

Tipsters Review - 30-May-2019


Thinking of betting on Copa America? Where to start

With the European football season finally drawing to a dramatic close, punters will be having to look further afield if they want to continue betting on some football between now and the new season. Last year, of course, it was all eyes on Russia for the World Cup, and next year we have Euro 2020 to look forward to.


In odd-numbered years, however, there is nothing quite so dramatic happening. Still, if you cast your net a little wider, you will see that this is quite a significant year for football across the channel, and Copa America can be seen as the North and South American version of the UEFA European Championship.



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A short history of Copa America


It is usually the European championships that have the long history, but Copa America is actually the oldest continental football tournament of them all, with a history that goes back to 1916. Originally known as the South American Football Championship, the name changed in the early 1990s, when the tournament was also opened up to entrants from North America and Asia. Over the years, this is an event that has seen more upsets and surprises than most. Argentina won the inaugural event back in 1916, while Chile have beaten off all comers to win the last two consecutive tournaments.


The only certainty here is uncertainty, and backing a winner can be a little like putting all your chips on black 22 at one of Europe’s top online casino sites and hoping for the best. In an age when playing games of chance online is more popular than ever, most of us know the drama and excitement of placing a stake on the reels of one of the top online slots, or perhaps putting it all on the spin of a roulette wheel or even the turn of a card at the blackjack table. Copa America is a the footballing equivalent of visiting a top casino, where even the professed experts will struggle to predict the outcome.


Over a long history, you might expect Brazil to have dominated, but actually, Uruguay has won the event almost twice as many times, with 15 titles. Argentina is just behind in second place with 14 wins, while Brazil has won just eight times.


Tournament format


Copa America will be contested by 12 teams, which have been split into three groups of four. At the group stage, each team plays each of the others in its group just once, so with such a short format, any early upset can be hard to turn around. The knockout stages are contested by the top two teams from each of the groups, along with the best two third placed teams.


Here are this year’s groups:


Group A







Group B







Group C







Which team will you be backing?


One astonishing pattern in Copa America is the regularity with which it is won by the host team. This year’s event is being staged in Brazil. It is the sixth time the team has played host, and they have won it on all five previous occasions. Even without that sort of home field advantage, Brazil would be favourites, but as it is, bookies have them at the incredibly short odds of 5/4.

Given this event’s liking for an upset, plenty of punters will be looking at some outside shots. Argentina are second favourites at 4/1, but the for many, the biggest tempter will be Chile. Having never won it before, Chile took the title in 2015 then successfully defended it in the special centenary event in 2016. Could they make it three in three? Bookies have them at 10/1.


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