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Adam King - 20-Jan-2015 is the latest hub of all things sports betting to hit our Google searches in 2015.

This one-stop shop is awash with in-depth tipster analysis, comparing and contrasting the finest betting aficionados that the web has to offer.

With so many sites offering free online betting tips and boasting a multitude of impressive profit statistics, gives punters of all styles and stakes a detailed, unbiased and transparent resource to find the service that’s right for them.         

As well as aggregating information from the web’s most trusted resources including Betting Gods, Tipster Warehouse, Value Horse Tips and Bet Alchemist, the site also gives users access to eye-opening features through the ‘In The Spotlight’ section. Whilst the majority of tipster review sites will simply lay down the information and allow you to muddle through it, ‘In The Spotlight’ brings forth some of the standout tipsters and systems which are bringing consistent monthly profits to members.


It’s all well and good taking on the opinions of a website and its chief tipsters, but the real proof of quality comes in the form of direct feedback from its customers. The online community created at TipstersReview allows visitors to read honest feedback from other members who have experimented with different tipsters, sports and systems, removing the bias that can come from one person’s bad experience. Likewise, members both new and old are encouraged to actively participate in the creation of a reliably informed betting community and organically swell the knowledge base for the greater good of everyone.

Aside from relying on the benevolence of members to leave feedback and ratings, TipstersReview reward their members through a number of regular competitions, with prizes ranging from cash and free bets to membership deals and exclusive services. From the Sports Tipsters section which guides members on how to leave thorough, unbiased feedback through to Bookmaker Reviews which highlight the best online deals, you really do get a sense that this site genuinely has the best interests of its members at heart.

The diversity of sports betting analysis available at is perhaps its most enviable feature. Although football and horse racing tend to dominate the online betting ring, tipsters and systems are readily available across a huge spectrum of sports including darts, cricket, tennis, rugby, greyhounds and much, much more.

The betting system reviews are an excellent starting point for those looking to take a more serious approach to money making rather than the thrill of the punt. Whilst every system will be different in its approach, they all follow the same core principles of building a steady betting bank rather than looking for the big win, taking a patient approach, and treating it as an investment rather than a gamble.

These basic values offer an excellent, proven ground on which to develop a system that can deliver a consistent increase in profits for both the interested newcomer and seasoned veteran.


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