What to Consider When Betting on Horse Racing?

Tipsters Review - 27-Nov-2019

Horse racing is one of the oldest forms of gambling and even avoids gambling restrictions is some stricter countries. Whether you are planning a trip to Cheltenham or simply using bettingonline.co.uk to find the best offers, there are some things to consider before picking out your winning horse.


Some people like to test their luck by choosing horses based on names or superstition, while others are tactical gurus scrolling through form guides and carrying out in-depth research.


If you are the latter or want to add some technique to your horse betting, read on below and learn more about what to consider before betting on a horse.



Learn How to Read the Form Guide


Even seasoned horse gamblers don’t truly understand how to read a form guide properly, and that’s a shame because a form guide is the most precious document you can use when picking out a winner. One issue is that form guides can look very different in various locations, but the purpose of them is the same. They are used to tell you about the history of the horses involved so you can make an informed bet.


There are different aspects of the form guide that need to be taken into account. Such details that are often overlooked include the distance of the race and the horse’s starting stall, which can be an advantage or disadvantage to the horse.


Yet, the most important piece of information on the form guide is the form of the horse itself and how that ties in with the odds. Most of the form guide can be easy to understand, such as finishing position but there are other codes that you will need to be aware of, including:


®/ means the horse has not been racing for some time, possibly even a full season.

®P or PU means the horse was pulled up and did not finish the race

®F tells us that the horse fell during the race

®R indicates the horse refused to jump a hurdle

®BD means another horse made the horse tumble


A Myriad of Other Considerations


Aside from the form of the horse, the aforementioned aspects of the race along with the condition on the day, quality of new opposition and even form of the jockey at that particular course can be considered. In the end, the number of factors to be considered are extensive and by the time you have carried out intensive mathematical equations and comparisons, the race would have finished.


Not to forget that those considerations are not going to give you the definitive answer of who will win. For example, do you back the jockey that won three times in a row on that course or the other jockey with a horse that won his last two races comfortably? Some things cannot be compared, and in the end, we have to remind ourselves that horse racing is an unpredictable sport.


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