The Betting Mastermind – In Progress

The Betting Mastermind – In Progress

We take a look at a footy tipster who’s been working his magic since 2019 and producing some pretty good stats in the process. Betting Mastermind is run by a guy name Stuart who’s been betting and trading on football for over 20yrs. He can deliver on most betting outcomes, but chooses to focus mainly on the following 5 betting strategies.

  1. Back the Draw
  2. Lay the Draw
  3. Back the Home Win
  4. Back the Away Win
  5. Back Over 0.5 first half goals

These strategies are tried & tested and last year was Stuarts best ever producing the profits you can see below.

2022 P/L

Back the Draw = 129.37 points
Lay the Draw = 95.21 points
Back the Home Win = 33.39 points
Back the Away Win = 56.05 points
Back Over 0.5 First Half Goals = 57.77 points

As you can see, these are pretty impressive stats which have improved over time as Stuart becomes more and more adept.

Hopefully we will get a taste of just how solid the service is during our 90-day review.

What sport does this service provide tips on? Football

What time are tips sent? 9-10am each morning

How are tips sent? Email

Does this tipster have a website?

What betting bank is advised? Not stated

How many tips per day are advised? Between 3 and 8

Have there been other trials or reviews on Tipsters Review? Yes, 7 day live trials

How much does it cost? £1 first 14 days then £39.99 per month

Is there a money back guarantee? No