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Introduction To Betting On Football Online

Reading our guides to online football betting won’t make you a genius punter overnight, nor will it make you an all-knowing entity. What it will do is give you a solid, base understanding of everything you need to understand. If you’re completely new to this, it’s unlikely you’re going to take so many things in at once, which is why this is intended as a useful tool for you to refer to whenever you need a helping hand.

Starting out in the world of online betting can be daunting for even more experience punters, let alone someone new to the game. With over 100 bookmakers, odds comparison sites left right and centre, thousands upon thousands of Tipsters who claim to be the best, endless amount of confusing terminology and modern new betting markets that seem to spring up almost daily.

It’s a mouthful just getting all of that into one sentence, so don’t threat if some of this guide looks totally foreign to you. It’s full of useful terms, information and tips that over time will help ease you into the world of online betting with a specific view to betting on football.

Football Betting Markets

Football Betting Markets Glossary I’m sure you understand what is meant by the word market when we talk of a betting market, but just to be sure, a market is just an option. Match Result is one market. Betting on a specific…

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Football Betting Terminology & Glossary

Football Betting Terminology Glossary First, we’re going to give you a rundown of all the new and confusing terms that you may come across when betting online. This glossary of terms has a natural overlap with our explanation of betting markets but…

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How to Make Wise Football Bets

How to pick your bets wisely You’ve educated yourself when it comes to dreaded and confusing betting terminology and you now understand a much wider range of markets. There’s always more to learn, but you’re ready to approach online football betting from…

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