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Horse Racing Betting Guides

Let’s start by being clear on one thing, horse racing is not an easy sport to make money on. It’s far from a case of turning up and picking the cute white horse whose jockey has a nice red top on that you like, or picking your week’s wages on the one that is named after that place that your dad’s mate went to once. No, consistently winning on the Horses takings pure knowledge and experience.

Horse racing has now transformed into a worldwide sport, with tracks across the globe and the humongous sponsorship and earning opportunities attracting football club owners, business owners, celebrities and even the richest of the rich from around the world, as seen in Dubai.

Horse racing has also developed into something far more technical than Ancient Greeks would have ever imagined, with breed dictating what type of horse racing or surface a horse will best perform on, and things such as genetics, build and even family tree coming in to relevance when selecting those big race winners. Training is the biggest key, with horses’ skeletal system even adapting to the type of training they receive.

The end products are some highly trained, powerful machines chucked on a course for our viewing pleasure and betting enjoyment. In this guide, we’re going to use Lehmann’s terms to strip back the basics of horse racing from a betting point of view, covering bookmakers and their odds, race and horse types, betting terminology, how to pick your bets and the best sources for you pull together all the necessary information to make an informed decision, or even follow the picks of some trustworthy professionals!

How to Pick a Horse

Things to consider when picking a horse Betting on Horse Racing is all about picking the horse that’s most likely to win right? Well, no. That may sound like a silly comment and you may believe that it must be about picking…

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Horse Racing Betting Terminology

Horse Racing Betting Terminology Through our other guides you should gain a base understanding of the types of horse racing, races, grades and classifications. We could go into more detail, but all of the foreign terms involved in horse racing can certainly…

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Types & Classification in Horse Racing

Flat Racing Flat Racing is seen by many as horse racing in its purest form, as the requirement for horse to navigate fences and obstacles is removed. It’s a straight sprint to the finish which tests both the speed, stamina and training…

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