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The Longshot Punter

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 0 reviews
The Longshot Punter https://thelongshotpunter.gr8.com/

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Cheek Pieces

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Cheek Pieces https://www.bettinggods.com/

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Race Revolution

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Race Revolution https://racerevloution.gr8.com/

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Mark Duddridge Racing

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Mark Duddridge Racing https://markduddridgeracing.gr8.com/

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 by Anon on Tipsters Review

Maybe I joined at the wrong time (October 2022) but it's been a bit of a disaster.

Firstly, advised prices are difficult to get. Despite early warnings, I've had prices change whilst actually placing my bets.

Just two winners since mid November @ 6/1 and 11/2 (Betfair SP: 4.32 and 3.58)

I'm 38 points down in just over 100 bets, and I try to get my bets on within seconds of them being released.

That would be far worse if you waited 5-10 minutes, or bet on the day (bets released night before.

If you have limited bookmaker accounts and tend to use the Exchanges, you'd be nearly 57 points down.

My three month subscription is up soon, and I'm not sure he can/will recover nearly 40 points, so I won't be renewing.

TheBanker https://tipstrr.com/tipster/thebanker/stats

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Text Winner

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 1 reviews
 by Paul on Tipsters Review

Seems to have a not bad strike rate but lot of days no bets

Text Winner https://www.bettinggods.com/

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Loves Racing

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 8 reviews
 by AJ on Tipsters Review

Absolute load of shit. Maybe he used to be good and has somehow decided to pick a multitude of complete losers. Not even close. This is after weeks and weeks. I've had one placed.

I'm paid up for another 3/4 months but I'm just unsubscribing from the e-mails anyway. Honestly, not just reacting to losing because this after sticking to it for a while, really is just one of the biggest loads of tosh out there.

Loves Racing https://lovesracing.com/

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The Racing Pundit

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 7 reviews
 by Stephen Ellis on Tipsters Review

I became a member of Ehsan's tipping service 'The Racing Pundit' on 9th March 2022.

Since then I have watched my betting bank consistently grow overall.

There has been ups & downs, thankfully more ups than downs.

And members have enjoyed some really nice big paydays.

These seem to occur on a Saturday for some reason.

One memorable day was Saturday 30th April we were about 20 pts down at the start of the day.

April was a pretty bad month, at that time Ehsan had a clean record with no losing months.

It looked as though April was going to be his first ever losing month since the service started back in November 2021.

That alone speaks volumes, you know you're in good hands with Ehsan.

How many other tipsters can say that they have never had a losing month over a period of five months.

Five profitable months in a row (What!).

Total profit (+158pts) (What!), that means not only would you have doubled your start bank (75pts).

But, you would have doubled it again (What!), now that is a wake up call.

Ehsan manages to do what others can only dream of, that is the caliber of the man.

I don't know how he does it, but somehow he manages to work his magic.

So here we are on the last day of the month of April, 20 pts down things didn't look good.

It was a cert that the negative P/L for April was likely to increase by the end of the day.

Did Ehsan manage to turn that negative P/L into a positive one.

You bet he did (no pun intended) and not only that but he did it in style.

He managed to find a 66/1 winner (What!) Redarna, I'll never forget the name of that horse.

And with the help of Redarna we ended the month +7 pts up (What!).

I made (+28pts) on the day (OMG!), I'd be happy with that over the space of a month.

But, to make that in a day is outstanding. I should have made a little bit more, but I made a mistake.

Instead of £5 each way, I accidentally placed £5 on the win, I didn't tick the each way box on Betfair Sportsbook (Doh!).

But, I was over the moon with my (+28pt) profit.

That is the kind of thing Ehsan can produce, when he's on fire, he's on fire!.

And that day he was definitely on fire (wow!), what a day that was, I still can't believe it.

On that day alone all members would have grew their start bank by more than a third (What!), just amazing!, mind blowing!.

Incidentally Redarna is the biggest priced winner I've ever had in my life, I have previously had a 50/1 winner but that was with BOG.

The bet was actually placed at 33/1 but was paid out at 50/1, but with Redarna the bet was placed at 66/1.

I remember thinking at that time if this horse gets placed then the return will be nice.

But, at no point was I or anyone else expecting this horse to win, who would?, Ehsan maybe?

His insight is something else!

Not including July as we are in the month of July as I write this.

Ehsan has had six out of eight profitable months, with May & June being the only two losing months.

The P/L combined for May & June was just (-9pts), which is trivial.

But the profit before the two consecutive losing months was an unbelievable (+165pts) (What!).

So the overall P/L for the service is (+156pts) (OMG!).

To make that kind of profit in that short space of time is unheard of, it just doesn't happen.

Some might say, couldn't happen, myself included, but the stat's don't lie.

When they made Ehsan, they broke the mould.

The one thing that really stood out to me about 'The Racing Pundit', and I would say is it's USP, is that you only need a 75pt start bank.

I have never seen this in any tipping service before, and I have been a member of quite of few of them down the years.

The bare minimum I have seen is 100pts, but they usually recommend 150pt bank to be safe.

The more confident the tipster is, the less points are needed.

The less confident, the more points are needed.

Some of them require a 400pt start bank (What!), it would take you forever to double it.

How confident are they in their system, not much.

And you have to ask yourself, how confident is Ehsan, I'd say very!.

To sum up 'The Racing Pundit' is a premium tipping service, but at a budget price.

Sign up asap, you won't find better!

It is phenomenal.

Take a massive bow Sir Ehsan!.

Your knighthood is in the post!

Mind blown! x 1000.


The Racing Pundit https://www.bettinggods.com/

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Value Backing (Carl Nicholson)

Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by  Stan on Tipsters Review

I think in 12 tips I've had 1 small winner, have not renewed!

Value Backing (Carl Nicholson) www.valuebacking.com

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The Knowledge

Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Mark on Tipsters Review

I really like this service and been with it for about 18 Months now. It doesn't make profit every month so takes patience but I get some real big winners and every time I've considered leaving it pops up with another couple of decent winners. Its the only long term service currently in my portfolio

The Knowledge https://theknowledge.gr8.com/

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UNDERDOG Racing Tips

Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by John on Tipsters Review

This guy is making some serious money BUT - the amount of bets you need to place each day I found un-manageable and also my bookies didn't have some of the bets. If you have a bank account that can weather a lot of daily bets and you can put them on - coming in anytime - then you will make money with this guy.

UNDERDOG Racing Tips https://tipstrr.com/tipster/underdog-racing-tips/about

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Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by John on Tipsters Review

Betting Gods are pretty transparent so what you see is what you get. This man pretty consistent with making money - although December 900 and something pounds - January minus 400 and something and month not ended yet. Bet range form 2 to about 8. Too many for a newbie with small account. I guess tho the odds with a decent tipster is more tips = more wins (overall) My tiny account cant survive that.

THE OUTSIDE EDGE https://bettinggods.com/betting-gods-tipsters/the-outside-edge/

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Hugh Taylor

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 1 reviews
 by Brian Smith on Tipsters Review

Following Hugh for years and always comes up with a winner mostly when the prices are big would give him 5 srars but he doesnt do to many jump horses and to be fair the all wether horses are good prices

Hugh Taylor https://www.attheraces.com/tips/atr-tipsters/hugh-taylor

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Bet Info 24

Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by  leonard on Tipsters Review

FANTASTIC free service, already had a 6/1 and a 7/2 winner this week. I've never understood people who moan at a free service. BetInfo24 seem a genuine company and so far have provided an excellent service

Bet Info 24 https://betinfo24.co.uk/

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Betting Gods free daily tips

Average rating:  
 15 reviews
 by Josh C on Tipsters Review

Been following the free tips for a long time and only follow the sports ones. It's been better than nearly all of the services I've tried and paid for which is sadly hilarious!

Betting Gods free daily tips https://bettinggods.com/free-betting-tips/

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