Bookies Enemy – Passed

Bookies Enemy – Passed

Bookies Enemy is a very popular service on the Betting Gods platform that has been around for over ten years. During that time the service has always rated highly and has been one of the leading players in the horse racing world. Gary focuses more on value with an average price of 14/1 so you won’t get winners everyday. But with frequent big priced winners, Gary makes his members a healthy income year after year. Bookies Enemy is currently rated 5 stars from over 200 reviews which can be viewed here Bookies Enemy reviews.
The service covers UK flat racing only and provides win and each way singles with the occasional multiple bet.


What sport does this service provide tips on? Horse Racing

What time are tips sent? 6-8pm Evening before racing - 8-10am for morning tips

How are tips sent? Email

Does this tipster have a website?

What betting bank is advised? 100 points

How many tips per day are advised? 2-3

Have there been other trials or reviews on Tipsters Review? Yes, 7 day live trials and punter reviews (5 star rating currently)

How much does it cost? £34 per month (£2.27 15 days) + other deals

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes


  • Total number of tips tips = 318
  • Total Stake = 427.
  • Total points profit = 112.09
  • Total number of winners = 41
  • ROI = 26.23%
  • Strike rate = 12.89%

As you can see from the stats above this was a fantastic trial which produced a very healthy profit. The detailed analysis of each selection not only showcased Gary's in depth knowledge of horse racing, it will also give members a strong reassurance that they are in safe hands.

A 5 STAR review of the highest calibre.