Ron Williams Racing – Passed

Ron Williams Racing – Passed

At the time of starting this 90 trial of Ron Williams Racing is currently the highest ranked service on Tipsters Review with 261 reviews and a 5 star rating.
Ron Williams Racing is a service that has built up a vast following when it was free on twitter.

The service is straight forward to follow with no complicated bets or systems with selections sent in the evening. We will be tracking this service for the next 90 days and updating the results after each day. Because this service being top ranked by the punters on Tipsters Review, we are really looking forward to this one!

What sport does this service provide tips on? Horse Racing

What time are tips sent? 6.30-7.30pm the evening before each days horse racing meetings

How are tips sent? Email

Does this tipster have a website?

What betting bank is advised? Not stated

How many tips per day are advised? on average 2 selections per day

Have there been other trials or reviews on Tipsters Review? Yes, we have conducted 7 day live trials and real punter reviews

How much does it cost? £37 Per month (£1 first 10 days)

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes 30 days


A solid performance from Ron if not prolific. The tips were on time each night with a clear illustration of bets. It's a shame that some kind of analysis wasn't accompanying the advice, but all in all a solid and profitable 90 days of a service that's stood the test of time.

Total number of tips tips = 168
Total Stake = 256
Total points profit = 17.25
Total number of winners = 31
ROI = 6.74%
Strike rate = 18.45%