Quentin Franks Racing – Passed

Quentin Franks Racing – Passed

A well known name in the horse racing world, Quentin Franks Racing has been at the top of the game for some number of years now. Operating out of the Betting Gods camp, Quentin has certainly been making a name for himself. Establishing himself as one of the leading tipsters at Betting Gods and beyond. We have in the past conducted 7 day live trials on Quentin where he has performed well. He also has a 4.5 star rating from our real punter reviews which can be found here in reviews
Tips from Quentin Franks Racing are sent the morning of each days racing at 9am prompt. Win singles are advised as well as a number of ante post bets with stakes ranging from 1-5 points. The next 90 days should give us a good look at this popular tipster and allow us to form a solid opinion. 

What sport does this service provide tips on? Horse Racing

What time are tips sent? 9-10am each morning

How are tips sent? Email, App, Members area

Does this tipster have a website? https://bettinggods.com/betting-gods-tipsters/quentin-franks-racing/#join

What betting bank is advised? 150 points

How many tips per day are advised? 2-3

Have there been other trials or reviews on Tipsters Review? Yes, 7 day live trials and punter reviews (4.5 star rating currently)

How much does it cost? £47 per month (£1.99 first 15 days)

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes


A reliable service which produced a tidy profit at the end, if not spectacular with just short of £140. It's a shame the picks never came with a write-up but overall it was a solid trial from a reputable tipster.

A solid service with good overall result - Passed