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Account Restrictions

Betting on massive, potentially unrealistic accumulators, rolling over your winnings from the last bet to the next, betting the enhanced odds and betting
mainly on televised games are all tell-tale signs that someone is just a casual punter looking for some kicks.

But for those who considered themselves to be professionals and conduct themselves in such a manor, you’re going to stand out like Santa Claus among his
elves. A serious investor to a casual punter are probably outnumbered by one to the tens of thousands, so you’re likely to stand out. Unfortunately,
if you win money consistently your account will not last forever. For me these tips are all about prolonging your time as a winning better with an
online Bookmaker.

Multiple accounts

Keep in mind we’re talking serious bettors here who bet and win potentially big money. If you have any friends or family who are happy for you to open
an online account and place bets for you, then give yourself that extra option to go under the radar by splitting bets between accounts. You need to
make sure that there is no trace or trail back to yourself through online cookies, there’s more information on this below. The thing to note is to
check the bookmakers Terms & Conditions on this.

Okay so you have managed to get yourself a nice fresh online bookmaker account and you’re going to make as much money as you can, as quick as you can and
then your account gets closed. It is safe to say going in like this will see your new account gone within a matter of days. The best way to avoid this
is to take it slow at first and place a few “daft bets”. You know you’re going to make profit long term from this account but you don’t want the bookmaker
to know that.

Bet on underdogs and Asian lines

By keeping your big bets on underdogs and Asian lines away from the smaller books and reserving them for the likes of Pinnacle, you’re left with an account
full of favourite bets. You might look suspicious at first but if you’re winning, you’re winning and the profit margins you make will flash up to them.
But there are a lot of automated systems used. Obviously a bookmaker doesn’t sit and look over every account personally, so it’s quite easy to litter
your account with small bets on first goal scorer, accumulators, big odds and unlikely outcomes, to keep yourself under the radar for just a little
bit longer.

Avoid arbing

We said about that two things that flag up are big stakes and very specific stakes such as £56.78 for example, which suggests to a book you’re arbing.
Even if you aren’t, you may get limited. But although big bets are a threat to them, you look more suspicious and you’re more likely to flag up betting
more specific larger amounts, so it’s good to be round. You might want to bet £280 to target a £500 return. That to me would look shrewd. Just bet
rounder amounts such as £10, £20, £50 and again if you can split your bets across your accounts.

Market size and liquidity

Serious punters or people wanting to avoid detection don’t touch markets such as cards and corners. Whilst these lazily researched markets often provide
some value to make money on, your bets are going to stand out more and the bookies liability is much less. Very little money is placed on these and
odds shift easily, so any big bet on these type of markets is going to really stand out. If you’re placing a big, big bet on a big game (think live
on TV, Barcelona, United, Madrid and so on).

Beating the Starting Price (SP)

Beating the Starting Price consistently means you’re getting very good value but it is frowned upon regardless of win or loss, but obviously you’ll flash
up even quicker if you are winning. If you know you’ve beaten the SP a few times lately, why keep doing it? You’ve already got one over and got some
value. Lay low for a little while and place your bets at various times within that market. Don’t rush to bet early like most successful people will.
Settle for reduced odds now and then to delay yourself being flagged up.

Another idea if you are consistently beating the SP is to back and lay a “drifter”. Place a bet on a horse that is getting very little support and highly
likely to have a bigger SP than your odds. Once you have placed the bet you can lay it on the exchanges for minimal loss and help protect your accounts.

Break down your stakes

You want best odds, but with the lazy breed of inexperienced traders around these days it’s common enough to get the same odds at multiple bookmakers.
Why? Everyone just copies the likes of Betfair and Pinnacle, truthfully. If you’re betting on a small league with smaller margins, certain amounts
will flag up. You won’t get far betting £500 a pop (and winning) on MLS at Coral, but you’ll probably get a lot further by breaking that down in to
three or four stakes across Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes and Bet Victor, should the odds allow it. The same ruling applies to horse racing, if three bookmakers
are offering 10/1 and you want a £30 bet, place £10 on with each of them to give you your total stake.

Sacrifice some winnings

If you’ve been performing particularly well at one bookmaker, it’s time to become active on another. Whilst doing that, every now and then identify something
where you can bet against yourself. You’ll be down in the short term, but all you’ve essentially done is throw bookmaker one a bone whilst transferring
your money to bookmaker two, albeit at the cost of a little interest.

Avoid Betting Patterns

This counts for stake, type of bet and time of bet. If at 5am every morning you are placing £50 on a market that has small liquidity you are going to be
flagged. Mix your bets, stakes and timings up a bit don’t be too ridged. If you do need to bet at a certain time, make sure it is not the only time
you bet.

Fixed odds, betting machines and betting exchanges

Don’t get carried away with this and start throwing all your winnings away with the bookmakers ‘fixed odds betting machines’, but losing a few quid here
and there will certainly help your accounts. The main reason for this is the fact they are “Fixed Odds”, and in the long term the bookmakers cannot
lose on these as they are fixed in their favour, so anyone playing them will not be seen to be sensible.

Beware of promotions

This is where absolutely anyone can be restricted. If you like to milk all of the promotional offers and risk free, free bet offers and get away with winnings,
yet don’t use your account for much else, they won’t like you. This could get your account restricted or limited. To stop this from happening, get
a nice fresh account and turn down all bonuses offered. If you’re a serious gambler, you don’t need to trade out to gain the free £20 and your new
account could make you much more than that.

Utilise Betting exchanges

If your desired odds are available on any of the Betting exchanges, take them! You cannot and will not be restricted from betting with the likes of Betfair.
While you are taking money from the exchanges you are not taking it from your online bookmaker accounts, this will give you more opportunities to use
them when it is necessary.

Don’t max bet

Many online bookmakers now have a “Max Bet” button on your bet slip. Under no circumstances should you be using this. This is there for the bookmakers
use only, they are offering you the highest amount of liability they are willing to allow, and by being greedy and consistently taking them, this will
send alarm bells off.

Use Pinnacle:

These boys are just absolute king. I was devastated when people in the UK could no longer use them (don’t worry, there’s ways around that though, believe
me!) because they just offer good margins, good prices, they welcome big bets and even allow arbing. You can literally go there and do whatever you
want and you won’t be limited. You’ll never need to worry about your £250 punt being shut down.

Track your results:

A smart person is doing this anyway because you need to know if you really are winning as much as you think you are, but it will also help you make decisions
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