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Start your online betting career

Beginning your online betting career? Do it like a pro..

Betting like a professional involves dedication, discipline, money management and patience by the bucket loads, which means taking a long term approach. Of course it also means the ability to spot value and above all pick some winning bets. It also means using the right bookmakers and keeping yourself off of their radar when you are winning, which is something that we’re going to cover in our next piece.

Here are just a few things you will always do well to remember before embarking on your journey as a successful sports bettor.

Don’t pick losing bets.

Don’t take that literally, it doesn’t mean win every bet you place, because whether you stick to value or you attempt to win enough to get by on odds of 1.80 to 2.20 for example, or a mixture of both, you probably aren’t winning 60% or greater.

But it means don’t allow yourself to lose stupid bets. If you place a bet and it losses, let it loose. Proceed with your next planned bet. Don’t chase it. And certainly don’t place too many in-play bets unless it’s a specific, thought out part of your betting plan. Maybe you’re just waiting for some odds to rise? But don’t bet on something spur of the moment, just because you want to bet.

The biggest trap with online betting is that it’s just too easy to log in and place a bet, and you’ll never replicate that feeling of £20 leaving your hand. When you’re on your phone using your online betting account, it’s nothing more than an enjoyable, thrill seeking click of a betting, with the reality often only setting in once you’ve lost.

Last but not least; don’t be too keen to bet on televised games or big sporting events all the time. Sure, often they’ll offer big margins which is nice if you genuinely identify a good bet. But a lot of people bet on televised sports for the thrill, and you shouldn’t fall into that trap.

Spread your wealth, get the best odds

I don’t advise using Skrill, PayPal, etc for reasons we’ll make clear in another big article coming your way… But do your best to split your betting funds across a few good bookmakers that offer higher limits and are known for the best odds, such as Bet365, Pinnacle, Matchbook, etc.

If you pick one bookmaker and stick your whole betting bank in there, you’ll never, ever achieve the best odds with consistency. It may not seem a lot to bet on 1.88 instead of 1.90, but consider this: You bet £100 per bet, and you’ve been betting for five years now.

In that time you’ve placed 57 bets at Coral, when you could have bet on odds 0.02 higher elsewhere. You’ve missed out on a little meaningless, 0.02, which is actually £2. It already seems a small loss. But only a small one. What’s £2 when your £100 investment just returned £188. Well, it’s not £190, and over the course of those bets you’ve lost out on £114, which is a whole unit.

That’s just a small example. As recently as yesterday I bet on Maritimo to win a home game at odds 1.91, to notice on a comparison site one bookmaker has gone as low as 1.66. Now that’s a rarer occurrence, but that’s a whopping difference.

Best odds are always important. Avoid putting all of your betting eggs in one bookmaker basket, to maximise profits and to keep a low profile by spreading your bets out.

Understand what you’re betting on

Make it your mission to understand the many different methods, staking plans, betting systems and ways of making money; and more importantly find the one that is the best fit for you. There’s no one right answer to the question ‘what is the definition of value?’. Technically, value can exist at 10/1 or at 1/10.

Learn about the odds, how they convert to implied probability and find ways to work out the true probability of a sporting event. Don’t ever be scared to take the bookmakers on or bet on prices that are big, or seem too good to be true. You’ll need to incorporate that or you’ll never be successful.

And one final thing we can do for you here at Tipsters Review…

You might find all of the information in our guides a little bit daunting and scary, whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced bettor. You haven’t been doing it wrong, but you can always be doing it better. And that might involve employing the services of a good Tipster who can help make you money.

If you’re on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll come across thousands upon thousands of free and paid Tipsters. There are gems, but they’re hidden in a pile of… stuff. It’s easy to lie, hide losses or falsify records.

There are good platforms that verify Tipsters and some trustworthy sites that review them, and allow others to post a review. But beware there are also a lot of sites that will point you in the direction of a Tipster that they perhaps receive commission for promoting. Or perhaps they are even behind that account!

So what should you do? Well, good platforms that verify Tipster’s bets automatically are out here. But this is also where we come on: you can trust our reviews here at Tipster’s Review. They’re free to read, non-bias and for your benefits.

You know this because we review the Tipster’s you ask us to review by often putting them on trial, and leaving our threads and findings open for anyone and everyone to pass comment/judgement on. You can find your ideal Tipster to help you on your betting journey of discovery right here by scrolling toward the bottom of our home page: https://www.www.tipstersreview.co.uk/

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Read reviews, leave reviews and try tipsters out for free! Together we will find the right service for you!
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