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Understanding Bookmaker reviews

Understanding Bookmaker reviews

When you first started (or start) betting online, you’ll probably be drawn to own bookmaker purely because it catches your eye and you like the look of it. The best thing to do is educate yourself on the choice that’s on there and find out the opinion of fellow betting people.

There are many good comparison sites out there and here at Tipster’s Review, we like to make sure you have the tools to make the best decision, which is why we put together our ‘Understanding Bookmaker Reviews’ page which not only provides expert opinion, but allows punters of all kind to share their honest reviews; good or bad. You can visit the page here: https://www.www.tipstersreview.co.uk/bookmaker-reviews

By using our comparison page, you’ll find all the information you need to make the best decision. Here is some terminology that you may hear around the betting community, but not fully understand.

‘My bookmaker has limited me’ – in a nutshell, someone is winning often and their bookmaker has put a limit on their account. Sometimes we’ve heard of big, successful bettors trying to use their account and being told the maximum bet is amounts as poultry as £2.00. Someone like Betfair will accept high stakes, pre-match bets without any problems.

‘They have high limits’ – this refers to the amount a bookmaker will allow you to bet. A bookmaker like Pinnacle, for example, welcome a frowned upon type of betting largely employer by the wealthier bettors out there and offer much, much bigger maximum bets. You can bet, for example, £1500 at Pinnacle, and that probably wouldn’t even peak their interest. Bigger limits = less chance of being limited.

‘In-Play Betting’ – for example: Bet365 offer just about any league you can think off, offer up to date stats and provide live video for a lot of sporting events. This is a useful tool for you make sure you’re educating yourself when betting (by watching) and as it happens they’re pretty good at not limiting, also. Some bookmakers offer very slow to update/react betting platforms that only offer some sports and top games such as Premier League fixtures. It’s important to find yourself a good in-play betting platform if that is part of your plans.

How to make the most from free bet sign up offers

Every bookmaker will offer a free bet sign up offer. This will involve depositing (and sometimes betting) an amount of your money and in return receiving matched and free amounts of money to bet. You will need get to keep this money in some cases, but in other cases you will. Most bookmakers will give you small prints and requirements which it is always important to read.

Typically, you will need to roll the free amount over a certain number of times at certain odds. Here’s an example:

Bet365 have given us £100 in free bets because we deposited £100 with them as a new customer. Here’s the first thing to know: The small print says we first have to bet through our cash deposited. But we’re a smart and sensible bettor, so placing our first bets to equal £100 is no problem. This doesn’t mean we have to LOSE that £100. It just means staking it. Once that’s done, our free bet amount is free to use.

We bet £100 and we win, let’s say. Now we need to keep building our betting account and extract those winnings. The finer print will also tell you (at least in our example) there is a rollover/bet-through requirement of 10x. That doesn’t mean that we need to win £1,000. We can only make £1 over our next X amount of bets, but it means we must stake that £100 free amount at least 10 times.

It sounds like a lot but with patience, planning and the help of a good Tipster – you’ll be there in no time, adding at least £100 to your betting bank. Consider you can do similar at lots and lots of bookmakers, and you’ve built yourself a free of charge, less risk betting bank!

Betfair will quite notably offer odds such as 20/1 on a ½ selection. All winnings are paid in free bet stakes, but this isn’t a problem if you’re patient and looking to build your betting accounts. If you’re a sensible, successful bettor then there is thousands to be made doing this.

Bet365 as another example have also offered members a matched deposit bonus of up to £200 that is awarded as a (up to) £200 free bet. Again, there are rollover requirements, but you can get past these with patience, planning and good betting.

Luckily for you, you can refer to our free bookmaker guide once again, that highlight all of the freebies available right here: https://www.www.tipstersreview.co.uk/bookmaker-reviews

Beware a lot of them will if not all will request a deposit. This isn’t a problem because as you’ll explore later, we want to spread our wealth for a couple of reasons. Even making use of Sky Bet’s ‘free bet club’ offer by having a funded account is not to be sniffed at regardless of how much you bet. You will receive a £5 free bet every single week you remain active with Sky Bet.

Over the course of a year, that’s £260 in free bets. If you’re a smart guy who can win 55% of your bets at around evens, you’ll go roughly 29-23 on those bets and even £30 is better in your pocket than theirs.

Now you have your accounts loaded and ready to go (and you’re going to take advantage of all those freebies remember) it is time to begin betting. BUT, remember betting is just as hard online as it is on the high street, so having a plan that involves good money management is key.

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