How Slot Machines Will Change in The Future

Tipsters Review - 22-Jun-2020


How Slot Machines Will Change in The Future
The first slot machine was created in 1895 by Charles Fey. It was called the Liberty Bell and worked by the player pulling a lever to make reels turn around. If a line of symbols (depicted by fruit and playing cards, and later by a stick of gum) lined up, the player won a reward. This eventually became a monetary prize, but to begin with, due to the gambling laws in the USA at the time, it was vouchers for drinks and cigarettes.

Although over a hundred years have passed since this exciting form of entertainment was created, there have not been too many changes to the popular machine. Slot machines today work on a very similar principle as they did then, although it is more likely that the player will need to press buttons rather than pull a handle. The fact that you need to match certain symbols in specific ways has not changed, and it’s why people enjoy playing slots – it is familiar, the rules are simple, and there is a good chance of winning at least something back (the average return to player (RTP) is 95 percent).

Yet times are changing, and technology and apps are moving on quickly. We already have online slot games so that players can enjoy their games at any time of the day and night, and many of the games are also available on mobile devices so that they can be played on the go. What is next for the simple slot machine? Here are some ideas of what the future might hold for them.

Virtual Reality Slots
Virtual reality (VR) is a way of playing video games that is becoming increasingly popular. It used to be that playing VR could only be done in specialist arcades or games rooms, but now that the prices of the virtual reality headsets and controllers are going down, and the games are much more readily available, anyone can purchase this equipment and enjoy VR in their own homes.

VR can be connected to lots of different consoles, and more games are being produced, so it seems almost inevitable that slot games would become part of this growing trend as well. It’s possible that in the future, VR, which offers an ultra-realistic simulation to the player via hand controllers and a headset that obscures the eyes, could be rolled out to be used on slot games, including Unibet best slots– although this is not yet confirmed.

Rather than using a mouse or other type of controller to click the button to make the reels start to turn, the player will ‘press’ the button using their VR controllers. This will give you a much more realistic feeling – as though you are playing the slot machine in a real-life casino or bar.  

Cryptocurrency Slots
It would be virtually impossible not to have heard of cryptocurrency, and especially the most famous version of it, bitcoin. Bitcoin became famous across the world when its value kept rising seemingly without end, making those who had bought it for pennies into millionaires overnight. The rise in its value has plateaued for now, but it is still a popular form of currency, as are all cryptocurrencies. This is because it is a truly universal currency that is not controlled by any state or government. This currency likely is what we will all be using in the future.

Therefore, online casinos are starting to allow it to be used to pay for their slot games. Even though it is still relatively rare, and e-wallets (which is what the currency is kept in since it is purely digital; banks are no longer required, at least not as a store for money) are not something that everyone has created yet, but by starting to allow payment in this fashion now, online slot makers are preparing for the inevitable in the future.

Perhaps strangely, it was only in 2019 that the first online casino decided it was time to accept cryptocurrency, even though this type of currency had been around for some time before that. The most advantageous part of this new idea for players is that you can choose to have your winnings paid out in cryptocurrency, or your currency. Depending on the exchange rate, if you want well, you might make a higher profit.

New Platforms

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets


However, in the future, this is likely to be expanded to give you even more choice as to where you play your slot games. This will include rolling out the technology to smartwatches, consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation, and Smart TVs. TVs can already often connect to the internet, so of course, it makes sense for game designers to create something that is going to work well on that platform. Having the slots played on the ‘big screen’ might even make it a more sociable pastime, whereas now it is something players tend to do alone.


Innovative Ideas

We started this article by saying that slot games had been left almost unchanged in terms of how they are played and how they look for the past one hundred plus years. In the future, this is likely going to change a little. Although some games will stay as they are because that’s what the current fans love and it would be foolish for casinos and web designers to stop giving people what they enjoy, some of the new games that are produced will be different.


For example, the current symbols of scatters and wilds that are used in slot games now are likely to be removed, and cluster slots will be put in their place. When you play cluster slots, you don’t need to match symbols across one line, but instead, you need to find a specific number of those symbols after the reels have rolled around. Therefore, cluster slots are easier to win and fun to watch, and this allows them to have different themes to keep the game interesting.



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